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Blackboard FAQs

How do I see the course in student view?

Ever wonder how your course site looks to your students? In the upper right hand side of the course screen, click on Edit Mode to turn it from On to Off. This gives you the view of your Blackboard course site without the instructor rights. For the most part this will show you what the site looks like from a student prospective. Please note, students do not have access to the Control Panel so that menu on the left does not appear ion the site when logged in as a student.

How do I customize the look of my course? 

Want to add some color or graphics to your Blackboard site?
In the Control Panel, go to Customization > Style
In section #1, Menu Style, you can select colors, shapes and even animal patterns to use as your button menu.
In section #5, Banner Style, you can upload a picture from your computer to add as the site banner.
Click Submit and you’re done.

How do I change my course entry point?

To change the first page students see when they access your course in the Control Panel click on Customization > Style. On the Style settings page scroll down to option “4. Select Course Entry Point” and use the drop down menu to select the menu item you’d like students to see first.

Note: if a Menu item has no content in it, or is unavailable to students, you won’t be able to select it as an entry point. Adding and Removing Students
You can add and remove users to your course site by clicking on the Users link located underControl Panel > Users and Groups. To add a user, click onEnroll Userand select Find Users to Enroll. All you will need is the user’s Merrimack username (same as email). You can enroll multiple people at once just separate the usernames with a comma. You can also click Browse to search for users. The one other thing you will need to do is select their roll. Be sure the user’s roll is set to Student which it should be by default.

How do I add and remove users?

To remove a student in the same Users area, search for the student, click on the drop down arrow next to their username and select Remove User from Course.


Can I enroll a user as an instructor?

Only Blackboard System Administrators can enroll instructors. If you would like to give another user (co-instructor, TA, other other form of course editor) instructor right so they can edit the course site, please submit a request with Academic Technology by calling x3500 or emailing us at


How do I archive a course?

Open the course site you want to archive. In the Control Panel under Packages and Utilities click on Export/Archive Course. Click on the Archive button located at the top of the page. If you want to include the Grade Center history be sure to check the box in Select Copy Options area. Click Submit. You will receive an email confirmation when the archive file is created. You can then navigate back to the Export/Archive Course area where you will find a link to the course archive file which you can then download.

How do I copy course content from once course to another?

Open the course site that you want to copy materials from. Under the Control Panel click on Packages & Utilities >Course Copy. Then complete the Course Copy form as follows:

Select Copy Type: Select “Copy Course Materials into an Existing Course” from the drop down menu.

Select the destination course ID either by entering it in the filed or clicking on the Browsebutton and locating the course. Then in the “Select Course Materials” area, check the boxes next to the materials you want to copy. Select Copy Options:
Scroll down to section 5 and click submit. You will receive an email confirmation when the copy process is complete.