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Grace J. Palmisano Center for Campus Ministry

Project Summary Report

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Haiti Service Learning Initiative

I. Mission & Vision

The mission of the Haiti Service Learning Initiative is to develop a mutually-beneficial relationship between the Merrimack College community, Project Medishare and communities within the Central Plateau of Haiti. 

i. Give students an opportunity to use their academic
training and skills in a unique setting.
The Haiti Service Learning Initiative provides students with
an experiential learning opportunity where they can utilize
their knowledge and skills in a developing country. This
expands learning beyond the classroom and traditional
clinical settings. When students return to the classroom,
they have new experiences that can help them better
understand, and make use of their academic training.

ii. Share our knowledge and skills with people in Haiti.
Giving students an opportunity to put their gifts to use in
ways that better the lives of people in Haiti, the Haiti Service
Learning Initiative helps students discover how their talents
and skills can be used to help others. This exposes students
to the possibility that their academic and professional skills
can be more than just a job, but a vocation where their gifts
can meet the world’s needs.

iii. Help students grow spiritually, ethically and emotionally.
Half of the trip preparation is spent preparing and forming
our students spiritually and emotionally. During the trip,
participants end each day with periods of reflection that
provide students with the opportunity to sift through the
events of their day and share their joys and struggles.
Reflection periods enable students to share their wisdom
and pain with each other, and an opportunity to dig into the
very deep feelings and emotions that result from working
with the poorest of the poor.

Download the Project Summary Report