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Office of Community Standards

What if I am a victim?

FAQs - What do I do if I am a victim?

The following are answers to frequently asked questions from victims of violations of Community Standards.

Q.  I am a victim of a violation of Community Standards.  What should I do to report?

A.  First, know that the College is here to support you in any way possible.  If you need immediate emergency assistance because you are in danger, please contact the Merrimack College Police Department at 978.837.5911.  If you would like to report a violation, you may do so by asking for help from staff within Mission and Student Affairs or Residence Life.  Additionally, you may file a report through the open reporting system found here

Q.  What resources are available to me for support?

A.  You have several resources available to you.  If you are concerned for your immediate safety, you may contact the Merrimack College Police Department (978.837.5911).  If you would prefer to speak to a private mental health professional for support, you may contact the Hamel Health & Counseling Center (978.837.5441).  For emotional and/or spiritual guidance, contact the Center of Campus Ministry (978.837.5450).   For help working through the student conduct system, contact the Office of Community Standards (978.837.5175).

Q.  Will I be involved in the student conduct process?

A.  This is up to you.  Your level of involvement with the student conduct process can be determined by your own comfort level.  You may decide that you do not want to be involved in the process, write a statement to the hearing board, participate as a witness, or participate as a complainant.  Victims are never forced to participate in the process if they feel uncomfortable or unsafe. 

Q.  Will I know the outcome of the case?

A.  Yes.  If you file a complaint against another student and that student goes to a student conduct hearing board, you will be notified of the board’s decision.