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Office of Community Standards

What to do if you’ve been documented

So you got documented, what now?

  1. Stay calm.
    If you have any questions, feel free to ask your RA the RD / AC of your residence hall, or any other Residence Life staff.
  2. You will receive a hearing notification letter from one of the Merrimack College hearing officers.  This letter gives you the date and time of your hearing, as well as the policy violation involved in your specific incident.
  3. Come in to meet with the hearing officer
    • This is your time to talk about the incident from your perspective.
    • Try to be as thorough in you recount of the incident as possible, this will help the hearing officer in making the most well informed decision on your case.  
      From the perspective of a hearing officer, the more information that you can provide them will help them in making their decision. Try not to give a one word answer, make sure to explain what actually happened.
    • The Decision
      • At this point, the hearing officer will discuss whether they find you responsible or not responsible based upon the information in the incident report as well as your recount.
        • If you are responsible, the hearing officer will discuss the sanctions that they see fit for your specific incident.
        • If you are not responsible, you will not face any sanctioning.
      • Before you leave your hearing, make sure to ask any and all questions you may have in regards to the student conduct system, the decision process, the sanctions, or even the incident itself.
  4. Getting your decision email
    • Once you get your email deciding whether you were found responsible or not responsible, look it over. Make sure that you understand everything in the email (charges, sanctions if listed, appeal statement, etc.).
    • If you were found responsible and were given sanctions where you need to contact someone, make sure to contact them in order to leave enough time to complete your sanction before the stated deadline. 

      Be aware that if sanctions are not completed before their deadline, you will be fined.
    • If you ever have any questions during the entire student conduct process, please DO NOT hesitate to contact your hearing officer. This process should be one of education, so do not be afraid to ask questions.