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Office of the Provost

Faculty Development Grants

2017-18 Faculty Development Grant Recipients

Jack Adams
Visualization of Electromagnetic Energy, Momentum, and Power using the Electric Scalar and Magnetic Vector Potentials
Taesoo Ahn
Examining the Structural Relationships of Service Quality in Sport Industry
Brittnie Aiello
Policing the Opiate Crisis
Traci Alberti
Workshop Attendance: Teaching by Case Method at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, Harvard University
Thomas Anderson
Reassembling the Strange: Naturalists, Missionaries, and the Understanding of Madagascar and its Environment
Rodrigo Bandeira de Mello
The Effects of Institutional Duality on the Political Strategies of Foreign Multinational Corporations in the United States
Valerie A Bell
Diversity and Geographically-Located Networking in Internationalization
Gavril Bilev
Simulating Democratization in the World, Part II
Rickey Alfred Caldwell Jr.
Writing a Robotics iBook
Fan Chen
Competition among mutual fund companies
Michael Corcoran
Restore Activity & Independence in Seniors Through Exercise (The RAISE Study)
Emma Duffy-Comparone
The Zen Thing and Other Stories (a collection of short stories)
Christopher Duston
A realistic approach to the Brans conjecture using explicit presentations of Casson handles as periodic manifolds
Anthony Fernandez
Determination of the Influence of Ligand Structure on the C-N Oxidative Addition Reactions of [ YPN(Me)P iPr ]Rh-Cl Complexes
Kevin Finn
Active Science: Promoting Physical Activity, Science Learning and Cognitive Function in Children
Anne Flaherty
Presidential Rhetoric and Policies of Indian Self-Determination
Jose Godinez
Creating Market Inclusion: Assessing Strategies for Non-Profits Operating in Institutional Voids in a Developed Market
Christina Hardway
The association between students’ Purpose in Life, their achievement in college, and the mediating effects of effort regulation and time spent studying
George Heffernan
Albert Camus: Philosopher Among Philosophers—A Collection of Critical Essays
Daniel Herda
Immigrants, Interpersonal Discrimination, and Reactive Ethnicity
Laura Hsu
Potentially Positive Cognitive Effects of Using One’s Non-Dominant Hand
Sirkwoo Jin
How and when emotional intelligence aids leaders’ effectiveness: An empirical test
James Kaklamanos
Soil Dynamics: How Effective is the Effective Strain Ratio?
Zachary Kissel
A Framework for the Analysis of Searchable Encryption
Laura Kurdziel
Slow wave activity associated enhancement of emotional memory in preschool children
Katelyn Kurkul
Supporting conceptual knowledge development in preschool children: How children learn from explanations at home and in preschool
Joel Kuszmaul
Flipping the Classroom for Probabilistic Methods in Engineering Design
He Li
Chinese Discourse on Constitutionalism and Its Impact on Reform
David MacLaren
Investigating the effects of metformin exposure on hormone concentrations (cortisol and 11-ketotestosterone) and behavior in the Siamese fighting fish, Betta
Debra Michals
Technology, Activism, and Organizing: New Ways of Understanding Gender-based Entrepreneurship, 1980 to present
Lisa Perks
Podcasts: A Uses and Gratifications Study
Marie Plasse
“He Dares to Be Recognized:” Reading Michael Jackson’s Military Iconography
Brian Provencher
Development of an iBook for the Organic Chemistry Laboratory
Sandra Raponi
Our Political Obligations Towards Refugees
Catherine Rich-Duval
Aviation Marketing: Yesterday, Today, and Beyond!
Autumn Alcott Ridenour
Sabbath Rest as Vocation: Aging Towards Death
Alison Russell
Elements of Cyber Power
Dan Sarofian-Butin
Using International Perspectives to Better Understand the “Age of Disruption” for Postsecondary Education
Allison Seitchik
The influence of internal motivation on stereotype threat performance effects
Kathleen Sills
Summer Intensive Training in the Margolis Acting Method for College Professors
Ryan Spalding
Analytics in the Sport Industry
Julia St. Goar
Mathematics Goals and Viewpoints: Pre-Service Teachers and their Professors
Christopher Stuetzle
Simulating Democratization in the World, Part II
Tunde Szivak
The Effects of Military Survival Training on Immune Function and Recovery
Jacob Turner
Music Is/As Communication: Popular Music and its Meanings in the Digital Age
Joseph Vogel
Prince: The Artist and His Revolution
William Wians
Xenophanes the Sophist?
Nancy Wynn
Digital Publishing Suite Training
Zi Yan
Acculturation and Lifestyle Changes among International Students: Challenges and Opportunities, A Book Chapter
Melissa Zimdars
Watching our Weights: Televising Fatness in the ‘Obesity Epidemic’