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Office of the Provost

Leonard Guida

Visiting Assistant Professor in the Department of Management received his Bachelor of Science from Boston College and his M.B.A from Suffolk University. Professor Guida has been teaching at Merrimack College as an adjunct in the Management department for almost four years and has enjoyed the opportunity and challenge of transferring knowledge and experience to his students.  He is happy he will be able to join the faculty at Merrimack to teach in both the undergraduate and graduate programs.  He will be teaching strategy at both levels and hopes to share his experiences to help his students cross that bridge from theory to application. He has worked as a partner at a global management consulting company, Arthur D. Little. Leonard enjoys teaching and hopes to excite his students and challenge them to achieve new heights in this discipline.

 Email:                                                                        Office:  O’Reilly 430                                                                                          Phone: 978-837-3567


Faculty Facts

  • My favorite concert was Joss Stone live in a small bar in London… so close you could touch her….

  • My favorite fictional character would have to be Dirk Pitt (the hero in most of Clive Cussler’s novels). But on a serious note, Odysseus because of the journey he encountered to get back to his family and home…. and finally Candide and all the trials he goes through on his quest that shows, as Voltaire believes faith is pre-determined and you merely walk the path of experience.

  • Having lived overseas and worked in finance and operational strategy, my teaching at Merrimack has been a smooth transition from workplace to academia. 

  • When it comes to inspiration, there is no one person; life is the culmination of your experiences and your inspiration should come from the good you do and the lives you effect…

  • Having lived and worked in Paris, France for almost 8 years I have had a change in my cultural preferences.  I have grown to enjoy jazz, while my favorite readings are Clive Cussler, Shakespeare, and Voltaire. After having done a bit of traveling I would have to say that enjoy the South Pacific and Australia the best…

  • I enjoy hockey–which is a good thing on this campus, but unfortunately I am a Boston College alumni so during the season we do have some active pre-class debates on the subject… 

  • I was born and raised in Cambridge, Massachusetts, therefore the comments of how I speak too fast and do not always pronounce my words correctly are true…  Growing up in Cambridge there were no “R’s” in my vocabulary… yes I do “pak the cah.”