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Office of the Provost

Michael Stroud, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology received his Ph.D. in cognitive psychology from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst in 2010 and has been teaching Introductory Psychology, Research Methods and Cognitive Psychology at Merrimack College. His primary area of research revolves around the question of why it is often difficult to search for multiple objects at once. This question, as well how we mentally represent objects during visual search, is best revealed through monitoring eye movements during various visual search tasks. By understanding these basic questions, we may better understand more critical applied research questions like how to improve visual search for airport security screeners, radiological detection of tumors, etc. In addition, Dr. Stroud has interests in a diverse number of topics within cognitive psychology and is currently the co-director of the Context, Attention, Memory, and Perception (CAMP) lab here at Merrimack with Raymond Shaw.

 Email:                                                                    Office:  Sullivan 105                                                                                          Phone: 978-837-3558









Faculty Facts

  • In my free time, I enjoy running, basketball, baseball, pretty much any sports.  My latest pastime is holding our new infant, Zachary.  

  • Although my family doesn’t really have any specific traditions because my five siblings are all scattered across the country, we do get together at my parent’s house every August. 

  • I love dogs, especially our dog Colby, who is a 10 year old, 17 pound Cockapoo (although he acts like he’s still a puppy…) 

  • Dave Matthews Band is my favorite band. I’ve seen them about 25 times and always have a great time.  

  • Psychology fascinates me.  How the mind works, how we behave and learning more about that will interest me forever. 

  • My dad and my wife have provided the biggest inspiration in my life.  Just spend a day with them and it becomes immediately obvious.  


  • I grew up in sunny southern California…about as far from here as possible :)