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Police Department

Winter at the Police DepartmentWinter at the Police Department

Department Services



If you feel uncomfortable walking alone at night, or have special circumstances that cause you to be concerned about your personal safety, you may contact Police Services at (978) 837-5555 externally, x5555 internally or by use of Emergency Phones located throughout the campus.

An officer will provide a safety escort. The service is available to all community members and their guests.

Occasionally, situations may arise when an officer is unable to respond immediately to your request. The dispatcher will advise at the time of your call of any expected delays. A Student Security Team member may be dispatched to your location to provide the service. Please wait in a safe place for the arrival of your safety escort.

If your escort has not arrived after a reasonable time, please call again.

When you request an escort, please provide the dispatcher with your name and exact location.

The Department of Police Services is committed to the goals of providing a safe, efficient and courteous escort service. Therefore, certain restrictions must be placed on this service. The escort service is not designed to:

  • Provide transportation to/from places of employment, restaurants, taverns, airports, mass-transit, etc.
  • Provide transportation for large groups or persons intoxicated or otherwise exhibiting obnoxious behavior.


The Department of Police Services is responsible for operating the central Lost and Found function for the College. Found items are eventually turned over to the Department by the library, Department of Facilities workers, and individual community members.

If you have lost something, please visit our station in the basement at the rear of Monican to determine if we have your property.

College Identification cards can now be obtained through the college’s Computer Store.


The department provides engraving services to the community on a regular basis during Community Oriented Policing Programs and upon request.

All items, large or small, can be engraved with a mark of the owner’s choice. If it is stolen and recovered, the item is then recognizable to the rightful owner as his or her property.

It is recommended that no part of the social security number be used since this may result in identity theft. However, other acceptable marks may include a date of birth, pet’s name, or the owner’s nickname. Nothing of a crude nature will be acceptable, however.

If your item is too large to be carried to the location of the program, you may request that an officer come to your dorm room to provide the engraving service.


There are emergency two-way call stations at strategic locations throughout campus. You can identify the station by the blue light located above the boxes, or by the yellow boxes marked “Emergency”. When the call button is depressed an individual can communicate directly with the Dispatcher at the Merrimack College Department of Police Services. The individual can then notify the Dispatcher of the emergency. AN officer will then be dispatched to effectively respond to the situation. Please note that all of the pay phones on campus can be used to call anywhere on campus free of charge.


Member of the community can borrow one of our jump packs if they need a jump start, and can receive assistance gaining entrance to their vehicle when they have locked their keys inside.
Lighting Checks

The Police Services department conducts regular checks of lighting on campus and reports inadequate or inoperative lighting conditions to the proper department.


The Department of Police Services is conducting security surveys of offices and buildings to identify vulnerabilities in access, security, and property control, and is making recommendations for addressing any problems.


The Police Services Department occasionally coordinates with the State Police Auto Theft Task Force to mark your vehicle with its own set of “fingerprints”, making the vehicle easily traceable if it is stolen and less desirable to a thief.

Message from the Chief

Remember, the primary responsibility for crime prevention and personal safety rests with each individual.

My door is always open to all of the students of Merrimack College. Please feel free to email me or stop by to discuss any issue you might have.

On behalf of all of the members of the Department of Police Services we wish you all the best for the upcoming year.

Chief Michael DelGreco
(978) 837-5294