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Police Department

Motor Vehicle Regulations





The privilege of driving or having a motor vehicle (which includes scooters and motorcycles) on the Merrimack College campus at any time of the day or night, Sundays and holidays included, is extended to those who comply with the following regulations:

Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior Resident Students are not permitted vehicles on campus. All operators must be legally qualified to operate a motor vehicle in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the vehicle must be legally registered to operate on the highways of the state. Campus Police or any police officer on the campus may at any time require the operator to present evidence that the motor vehicle is covered by public liability insurance and property damage. Operators and passengers on motor cycles must wear a helmet while riding on campus .

The college reserves the right to withdraw motor vehicle privileges from any student, staff or faculty member at any time for any cause.

The Chief of Staff of the college reserves the right to make exceptions to the following motor vehicle regulations solely by him/herself and the Chief of Police. All exceptions must be made in writing and signed personally by one of the above before becoming effective.


Parking & Traffic Issues

Please check the Merrimack College Police web site at for the most up to date rules and regulations regarding Parking and Traffic. Please send all parking-related questions to

General Vehicle Regulations
  • Operating and parking a vehicle on campus is a privilege.

  • Any student or employee who operates or parks a motor vehicle on the campus must register the vehicle with the campus  Police Department and every vehicle must display a parking decal on the rearmost section of window on the driver’s side of the vehicle. The parking decal must be permanently affixed with the adhesive that exists on the decal. In the case of convertibles, tinted windows, etc., ask the Police Department where the decal should be affixed. Decals must be removed after a student or employee is no longer registered/employed at the College.

  • When a vehicle is sold or transferred to another and the student/faculty member requires a new decal, the old sticker must be returned.

Resident Student Parking

A Resident Student Parking Decal Fee of $400 per Academic Year (non-refundable) will be charged to all students.  

Resident Seniors 

  • Resident-student parking decals will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis to seniors during the first week of class, and then, if available, to juniors by lottery, and sophomores thereafter. Only seniors who intend to purchase a decal should have any expectation to keep a car on campus during the academic year; no other resident students should bring cars unless they become eligible to purchase a decal. 

  • The parking fee will be added to the student’s account.
  • An email will be sent to all students notifying them of the dates, time and location to purchase a decal. Resident parking decals allow for parking in the resident parking lots J and K only as well as in 15-minute spaces and HP spaces (with appropriate state permit). A resident student who wants to use another vehicle must turn in their original parking decal in order to get a new one.

Resident Juniors

Students enrolled in credit-bearing internships, co-op jobs, practica, or other experiential education placements are eligible to purchase a semester parking decal. They must provide the Police Department with a letter of approval from their academic dean or the O’Brien Center for Student Success.


Resident Sophomore and Freshman Students
  • Freshman students will not be permitted to have a vehicle on campus.

  • There is very limited parking available on campus and Sophomore students will only be allowed to purchase a Resident Parking Decal after all upper class students have been given an opportunity to purchase a decal.

  • If there are any unsold decals/spaces available, a Sophomore Lottery may be held by the Columbus Day Holiday weekend. An email announcing this lottery will be sent to all sophomore students.

  • Parents and other family members having a car on campus while visiting resident students must obtain a parking permit from the Police Department.     

  • The Town of Andover does not allow on-street parking in the College neighborhood except for those who have Andover resident parking permits.

  • All parking inquiries should be directed to  Parking regulations will be strictly enforced.

Students with Medical Needs/Disabilities

Students with permanent or temporary disabilities may apply for parking at any time through the Center for Academic Enrichment/Office of A.D.A. Academic Coordinator (Elaine DiVincenzo at

Parking Decals for Commuting Students
  • The Commuter Parking Decal is available at $100.

  • All commuter students that will be bringing a car to campus are required to purchase a commuter decal for their vehicle and commuter students are required to register their vehicle with the campus Police Department when they arrive on campus for the start of the fall semester. 

  • Commuter students may park in Lots A, B, C, E. F. G, H, and I.
  • Commuting students will be issued parking decals at a cost of $100.

  • The Town of Andover does not allow on-street parking in the College neighborhood except for those who have Andover resident parking permits.

  • All parking inquiries should be directed to  Parking regulations will be strictly enforced.

  • Temporary dashboard parking permits are available to students who are using another vehicle while their primary vehicle is not being used for a short period of time.

  • Operators must have a valid driver’s license in their possession while driving on campus and must present it to a police officer upon request. All vehicles must be insured and registered and the vehicle registration must be presented to a police officer upon request.

  • The student who owns and/or operates a vehicle on campus shall be responsible for any liability or damage claims (including parking penalties) arising from the vehicle. The College assumes no responsibility for the care or protection of any vehicle or any of its contents at any time including the time it is in any parking area.

  • During the first three class days of each semester, cars will not be issued parking citations for not having the appropriate parking decal as long as the car is authorized to be on campus and is parked legally and in the appropriate parking lot. After the three-day grace period, vehicles must be registered immediately upon arrival on campus. The Police Department is always open.

  • The parking fee will be added to the student’s account.
  • A lost or defaced decal must be replaced at once. Decals are not transferable. Decals for students/employees are issued only for their own personal use. Any transfers or misuse of these decals will result in the cancellation of said decal and a fine of $100 to all parties involved.

  • Motorcycles and scooters must be registered with the Police Department, but they will not be issued a decal.

  • Students from states other than Massachusetts are reminded that if they operate a motor vehicle here for thirty days or more, they must comply with the statutes of the Commonwealth regarding compulsory insurance.

  • The use or parking of motor homes, campers, off road and recreational vehicles on campus is prohibited.

Parking/Traffic Regulations
  • All students/employees must park on campus in the areas designated for the type of permit they have been issued. A student using a car that belongs to an employee (such as a parent who works at the College) must follow the parking rules and regulations relative to their status as a student. Parking is permitted only in marked spaces – the area between two parallel yellow lines.

  • There is no driving/parking in the fire lanes – a fire lane being any way that would restrict emergency vehicles to any building on campus.

  • Driving/parking on sidewalks and service vehicle lanes is prohibited. A Merrimack College email will be sent out to authorize use of these areas for move-in and move-out days. Use of these areas at other times (to drop off or pick up a large item) is permitted only after obtaining advance permission from the Police Department.

  • Stopping, standing, or parking on any part of Walsh Way and Cullen Ave is prohibited. Please use parking areas and 15-minutes spaces for this purpose.

  • Unless otherwise posted, the speed limit on all campus roadways is 20 miles per hour. Speed limit in parking lots is 10 miles per hour.

  • Any accidents occurring on College property that involve personal injury or property damage must be reported at once to the Police Department.

  • Any person owning or operating a motor vehicle which becomes disabled while on the Merrimack College campus must assume the responsibility for notifying the Police Department of the disablement of the vehicle before abandoning the vehicle to return to his or her home or residence area. Failure to do so will result in the removal of the vehicle from the campus at the owner’s or operator’s expense.

  • The abandonment of any motor vehicle on any part of the Merrimack College campus is prohibited. Any motor vehicle parked on the campus without current state registration plates attached to the vehicle will be deemed to be an abandoned vehicle and as such will be subject to immediate removal from the campus.

  • Guests of resident students must obtain a combination visitor/parking permit online through the Residence Life website or from the Police Department. 

  • The absence of posted signs shall not constitute a valid excuse for violating the regulations set forth in the official motor vehicle rules and regulations booklet.  

Handicapped Parking
  • Only those vehicles displaying a valid state handicap license plate or placard will be authorized to park in designated handicapped parking areas. Those individuals who require temporary access to handicapped parking areas due to a temporary medical condition may obtain a temporary handicap permit from the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles after providing appropriate medical documentation signed by a physician. Applications are available at the campus Police Department.





Habitual Offender: By definition a habitual offender is one who accumulates three or more parking citations within a given school year (September through May). Habitual offenders may be considered for suspension of their parking privileges without reimbursement of any fees charged for parking.

Scofflaw: By definition a scofflaw is one who is in total disregard for established rules and regulations. A person who has accumulated ten citations within a school year will have their vehicle banned from campus and may be subject to additional fines and discipline by the College’s Coordinator of Community Standards.

  • Merrimack College parking/traffic citations will be issued to those who violate parking/traffic rules and regulations as well as to those who fail to comply with posted signs or the directions of the Campus Police Officers or Campus Safety staff.

  • Payment of citation fines is to be made to the Bursar’s Office. Students who do not pay such fines will have the amount added to their student bill. Outstanding balances on student accounts will result in grades/diplomas/transcripts being withheld as well as the inability to register for classes. Unpaid citations from persons other than students may result in the vehicle being towed from campus, being immobilized, or the operator/owner being banned from campus.

  • A vehicle receiving three parking citations during an academic year will be deemed a habitual offender. The vehicle will be towed from campus upon the third and subsequent violations. Owners/Operators of such vehicles may also have their current and future parking privileges revoked by the Chief of Police and their vehicles may be towed.

  • A person who operates a motor vehicle on campus while under the influence of intoxicating liquors, who otherwise operates a vehicle in a manner that potentially jeopardizes the safety of others on campus, or who is issued more than one moving violation citation during an academic year, may have their current and future privilege to drive on College property revoked by the Chief of Police.

A vehicle parked on campus in violation of any parking rule or regulation may be towed from campus at the discretion of the campus Police Department. Cost of such removal, and any storage fees, are payable directly to the towing company.

  • When it has been determined that a person has accumulated two parking citations, paid or unpaid, a Police Department Sticker – “Notice to Tow on Next Violation”will be attached to the front driver’s side window.

  • When a vehicle has been stickered with a “Notice to Tow,” the officer will make note of this on the citation in the “Officer’s Comment Section” and send an email to the Chief of Police that the sticker has been applied. 

  • An email will be sent by the Chief of Police to the person who has been issued the tow sticker notifying them that their vehicle will be towed on any and all future violations

  • On the third violation the vehicle will be towed from campus by the firm designated by the department to tow vehicles. The officer responsible for the tow will notify the student whose vehicle has been towed by email.

  • On every subsequent parking violation the vehicle is to be towed from campus regardless of whether the previous parking fines have been paid or not.

  • When it has been determined that a person has accumulated ten citations in an academic year, paid or unpaid, the Chief of Police will be notified and he will send a final notice to the person that the vehicle will be towed from campus and the department will cause the Parking Decal to be removed from the vehicle without reimbursement of any fees charged for parking.

    The Chief of Police will send an email to the Associate Dean of Student Life and the Dean of Students notifying them of the person’s scofflaw status.

    The Chief of Police will send an email to the person whose vehicle has been towed notifying him/her that the vehicle has been towed, the fact that the parking decal has been removed, and that the vehicle is banned from traveling and or parking on the property of Merrimack College.

Appeals of Parking/Traffic Citations
  • A person receiving a parking citation may file a written appeal within 10 calendar days from the date the citation was issued. Appeal Forms are available at the campus Police Department  or can be downloaded from the Police Department web site. Appeal forms may be dropped off at, or mailed to the campus Police Department.

  • A Parking Appeals Committee – consisting of student, employee (non-police) and faculty representation - meets regularly to hear appeals and the appealing party will generally receive a written response within two weeks.

  • The decision of the Appeals Committee is final unless new, relevant, and previously unavailable information can be presented, by email or letter, to the Chief of Police within 7 calendar days of receiving the original appeal decision. In such cases, the Chief (or his/her designee) will consider if a re-appeal is appropriate and the appealing party will be notified.

  • A person receiving a citation for a moving violation, or a person who had their car towed from campus, may file a written appeal within 10 calendar days by following the procedures in the previous bullet. Such appeals will be heard by the Chief of Police or his/her designee.