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Residence Life

Registered Events Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who can register an event?

A. Registered Events are a 21+ privilege. Your apartment/suite/townhouse is eligible if 50% of the occupants of your housing assignment are of age.

Q. Do I have to meet with anyone before I host my Registered Event?

A. Yes. If your apartment/suite is hosting a Registered Event for the first time in the academic year, the designated Sober Host in your space must meet with a representative from the Office of Residence Life (an Area Coordinator or Graduate Resident Director). If your apartment/suite has already hosted a successful Registered Event (no issues), then the next time you register an event, the meeting with Residence Life is optional. All meetings must be completed by 4pm on Friday, before your Registered Event.

Q. When can I have my Registered Event?

A. Registered Events can be held on Friday and Saturday nights. The Office of Residence Life reserves the right to extend or limit the number of approved Registered Events on any given night and in any given location. Registered Events will not be authorized on reading days, finals weeks, break periods, or other weekends as deemed by the Office of Residence Life.

Q. Is there a limit to how many Registered Events can take place a weekend?

A. Yes, one apartment per tower, one suite per floor/wing, and one suite per vestibule can register a night (based on when a request has been submitted).

Q. What time can my Registered Event start and end?

A. Registered Events must begin at 10pm. All music, entertainment and distribution of alcohol must end by 1:00am when normal quiet hours will resume. The Resident Advisors on duty will “open” the Registered Event at 10pm and “close” the Registered Event at 1am.

Q. How many guests can I have at my Registered Event?

A. The number of guests are limited by the occupancy limits of room. These limits are as follows:

  • O’Brien (suites of any size): 28 people
  • North Residential Village (any size): 28 people
  • South Residential Village (any size): 28 people
  • St. Thomas/St. Ann Apartments: 50 people

 Q. How does the RA “open” and “close” my Registered Event?

A. At 10pm, the RAs on duty will come to your apartment/suite/townhouse and hand you signs with important contact information and signs stating, “No alcohol beyond this point” so that guests do not carry alcohol out of the Registered Event. The RAs will hang up the signs in your space, make sure that there is food accompanying the alcohol, and make sure that the Sober Host understands his/her responsibilities for the night. At 1am, the RAs will revisit the space to make sure that all the guests have left and that there are no damages in the space.

Q. Do I have to have food?

A. Yes, there must be food and alternative beverages at each Registered Event. The residents hosting the event are responsible for ensuring there are a minimum of 4 two-liter bottles of non-alcoholic beverages, and 4 full-size bags of snacks.

Q. How do I get free pizza and soda?

A. If you register by Wednesday at 12:00 PM (noon), and meet with a representative from the Office of Residence Life, you will be eligible to receive complimentary pizza and soda. Residents of an apartment/suite/townhouse will only be eligible for pizza and soda once per weekend.

Q. What is the limit of alcoholic beverages allowed at an event?

A. The maximum amount of alcoholic beverages permitted at a Registered Event is limited by the number of people of legal age in attendance at the Registered Event. Registered Events may have a total amount of alcohol not to exceed the personal equivalent of:  

  • Six 12 ounce beers or the equivalent in other containers per legal age attendee OR  
  • Half pint of liquor per legal age attendee OR
  • Fifth of wine per legal age attendee

Q. What happens if there is damage?

A. Person(s) hosting a Registered Event are responsible for all guests and any resulting problems from the behavior of their guests. All costs associated with the repair of the apartment/suite/townhouse or surrounding area (hallway, floor, wing, adjacent areas, towers, stairwells, etc…) of the party will be the responsibility of all residents of the apartment if individual culpability cannot be determined.

Q. Are there any incentives to hosting a Registered Event?

A. Those residents who host a Registered Event are less likely to get documented. It is beneficial to you to host a Registered Event because the Office of Residence Life and the Merrimack College Police Department will know about it. Each time your apartment/suite/townhouse hosts a Registered Event, the Sober Host will be entered into a raffle to win Senior Week tickets.