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The Academic Success Center

Writing Center Staff

Meet Our Peer Consultants for 2016-17

Name Class Year Major(s)/ Minor(s)
Sarah Adgate 2018 Human Development/ Health Science
Andria Auger 2018 Biology/Social Justice, Science and Religion
Caroline Bradley 2019 English/ Education
Erin Brown 2018 Human Development/ Elementary Education
James (Jimmy) Buckley 2017 Accounting / Criminology
Courtney Carrozzo 2018 Human Development/ Moderate Disabilities
Caroline Duffy 2019 Business/ Psychology
Katherine Durant 2018 Business Admin/ Communications/ Sports Management
Alexa Emma 2018 Elementary Ed
Joseph Feeney 2019 Criminology
Ryan Gagnon 2019 English
Lori Grant 2018 Psychology/Sociology
Sandra Hovsepian 2018 Sociology / Management Minor
Anne Hudson 2018 Human Development/Elementary Education
Emily LeClerc 2019 Economics/ Business Admin/ Management
Rachel MacKelcan 2018 English/ Marketing
Brianna Mahony 2019 English/ Communications
Molly Malinowski 2017 Human Development/ Elementary Education
Alexandria (Lexi) Marshall-Sobzcak 2018 Human Development/ Psychology/ Counseling
Isabela Moreno 2019 Public Health
Ashley Morin 2018 History/ GENPSYC
Danielle Morin 2018 Human Development/ Elementary Education
Jacqueline (Jacqui) Ochoa 2018 Biology/ Chemistry, Health Science
Jayme Patnaude 2019 Criminology/ Gender Studies/ Spanish
Kesha Porter 2019 Sports Medicine
Darren Righini 2018 Business Management
Anastasia Rocker 2017 Human Development/ Women and Gender Studies
Marlaina Rohmann 2018 Health Science
Caitlin Saad 2018 English/ Secondary Education
Lauren Smith 2018 Communication/ Criminology/ Marketing
Katrina Snow 2018 Psychology/ Music
Marisa Thompson 2018 Biology
Caroline Urbanek 2017 Health Science/ Public and Professional Writing
Ashley Widing 2017 Engineering/ Math
David Wilson 2018 History