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The Writing Center


"My students have had great interactions with [the writing fellow].  She is thorough with each group and has gone 'above and beyond' by helping them with things like their PowerPoint presentations and guiding them through their presentation process...papers were BY FAR the best I've seen over the many semesters I have taught this course.  I know that she had something to do with my students' success." - Business professor with a writing fellow

"I found that I was having an extremely difficult time with my writing class, which was not usually the case for me.  I had always been told that I was a good writer and received good grades on essays.  The text says that most college students have the most difficulty adjusting to the academic demands of a composition or writing class.  I totally agree with this.  I had an extremely difficult time in a particular writing class which emphasized the set up of the paper more than the information given in the paper.  When I started going to the Writing Center for this class, they were able to help me with setting up the paper which really improved my grade in the class.  If it wasn’t for the Writing Center there is no way I could have even passed the class.  Sometimes you just need someone to explain the information to you in a language that you are able to more easily comprehend." -First-year student visiting during drop-in hours

"Thank you, thank you to all the tutors for today's sessions with my classes. They were a grand success because of each of you! I heard lots of good, substantive feedback and helpful guidance. It's clear you are all brilliant and are thriving under the tutelage of your esteemed director and assistant director." - Writing professor holding a peer review workshop in center