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Girard School of Business

Jameson Dunn

I am Jameson Dunn, a junior, double majoring in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance and Economics. My involvement in campus activities has been a great experience and of tremendous value. Currently, I am President of the Financial Group where we attempt to bridge the gap, the best we can, between students and professionals. We also offer students access to some of the most advanced technology in the world when it comes to finance.  I am also involved on campus with the intramural sports program and the club hockey team.


My decision to attend Merrimack College was based primarily on the school’s commitment to providing all students with a plethora of opportunities to develop academically, spiritually, and philosophically, as well as, its emphasis on service to others. The small New England, catholic campus atmosphere was also a major selling point. In a small school setting, the relationships that are established with classmates will endure well beyond graduation, many becoming lifelong friendships. I’ve found that you are able to make substantially more quality connections and create stronger bonds with classmates in a smaller school environment of 2500 students, versus in a larger school where you may be one in twenty thousand students. In addition, the liberal arts component of the school was very appealing to me. I believe the well-rounded education I’m receiving will assist in my pursuit of becoming an all-around person with knowledge in a broad range of subjects.


My freshmen year was filled with new experiences but I feel I adjusted well during the transition and was fortunate enough to make some good friends quickly and I fit in well on the club hockey team. I spent most of my first semester adjusting to the new atmosphere. When I returned from break, that January, I joined the Merrimack Financial Group. My first assignment with the finance group was to help work on proposals to bring the Bloomberg trading room to Merrimack. At the end of my freshman year I was named president of the group. I also imbedded in my freshman spring semester, the landing of my first internship with College Pro Window Cleaning. This position with College Pro allowed me to own my own franchise and run a window cleaning service.  Prior to this I worked construction for my father’s business and I felt it was a very good fit due to my childhood’s worth of entrepreneurial advice from my father. Fortunately the program provided me with a district manager, Mr. Anders, who also taught me a vast amount of important lessons that summer about basic business skills that, to this day, play a major role in my decision-making. One of the most influential lessons from Mr. Anders was the importance of building trust in relationships with clients and how it results in new business.


Sophomore year went by in a blink of an eye. I lived in a town house with a bunch of my close friends and the camaraderie we shared was a great experience. I did well in my studies achieving deans list honors. The finance group did well; we hosted a few guest speakers and had club meetings, which covered preparing for the internship application process and supported students in constructing their resumes. Northwestern Mutual was my internship employer for my sophomore year and the next organization to leave a lasting impression on me. I was hired as a College Financial Representative running my own financial services practice. Again, I thought this opportunity was a great stepping-stone towards my future career goals and a great segue from College Pro due to the fact that I had the experience of running my own business in the past. They offered me top of the line training in financial planning and relationship building skills. One highlighted piece of advice that stuck with me from that summer was the importance to asking good questions.


The network of people you expose yourself to through the internship experience is incredible and that’s why I was so excited Northwestern Mutual asked me to continue in the fall of my junior year, as a campus ambassador. This role involved finding quality internship prospects for this financial institution. It was a rewarding experience setting up some friends and classmates with opportunities to getting a really good internship. It complemented the position I held in the financial group as well, because of my exposure to such ambitious students.


In addition to my campus ambassador role this semester, I also took a very instrumental course entitled Financial Analysis. Prior to this course I had done a lot of Internet research to supplement my leadership of the financial group, but finally, through this class, it was all formally presented to me in a manner that linked everything together and made it such that I could apply it and further utilize it in my studies and work. Just in time for this class too, the Mucci Capital Markets Lab opened and I was able to explore the economy like never before. I’m sure I will get critiqued for saying this, but for me the new technology and data is so exciting that it doesn’t feel like work at all.


With another “time of my life” experience last semester, I want to continue following my passion and take the next step towards success.