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Management Department

John Jamieson

John Jamieson

Class of 2011

My name is John Jamieson.  I am a member of the graduating class of 2011 and have been studying Business Management.  My decision to attend Merrimack College was an easy one because of the atmosphere of the college.  Here, everyone knows each other due to a smaller sized student body.  I have found this to be especially helpful in the classroom setting because it enables one to create a relationship with professors, as well as peers.  This factor was important in my college selection because, during my years at Merrimack, I wanted the opportunity to work closely with instructors while also meeting various new people.  As a result, I am confident that when I graduate I will have a support system to assist me in reaching my future goals.

The Girard School of Business has been a great learning experience for me because small enrollment sizes make it possible to ask questions and discuss ideas during class.   Most of my business courses have integrated group work, which has been very useful in teaching me how to work with peers on projects and then present them during class.  Upon graduation in the spring, I feel that I will be thoroughly prepared to enter a business work environment and am confident that I will succeed in the field I enter.

Additionally, I am a student-athlete at Merrimack College.  I have been a member of the ice hockey program during my 3 years of enrollment here.  Being one of many players on the team has taught me many valuable lessons that I will certainly utilize when I am working with numerous associates in the business setting.  Balancing course work with my hockey practice and game schedule, for instance, has taught me how to effectively manage my time so that everything is accomplished.  Both the Girard School of Business and the athletic department have been crucial components in my preparations to enter the work force as an effective and successful Merrimack College graduate.