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Management Department

Michael Gambardella

My name is Michael Gambardella. I am currently a graduate student at Merrimack College. I graduated in the year 2012 and continued my education here at Merrimack. I graduated in the Girard School of Business and International Commerce with a Business Administration major with a concentration in Management. I live in Peabody, Massachusetts, which is only about 20-30 minutes from MerrimackCollege. Therefore, I have commuted to the campus during all the years that I have attended Merrimack College. Although I have commuted, I have met and continue to meet great people. Both the faculty and the amazing student body have influenced my life positively.


The atmosphere at Merrimack is great due to the smaller size of the student body. Everyone knows everyone and you never feel like a stranger. I have found smaller class sizes to be helpful for facilitating students to create a relationship with the professors as well as peers. More specifically, the professors in Girard School of Business and International Commerce and throughout the graduate program have great teaching techniques. These techniques make me feel confident that I am prepared for the business world that awaits me after graduation. Merrimack has provided a great number of courses that are current in today’s ever changing business world, such as Management Information Systems, Managing World-Class Operations, and E-business. The business school has also developed my ability to work in teams as well has my presentation skills, which are essential in my future career.


After graduating Merrimack in 2012 I felt prepared to the world ahead but I try to stay current and put myself ahead of others. I knew I needed to continue my education. Merrimack College had just finished the preparations to have a graduate program in Business Management in the fall semester of 2012, so I made the decision to continue on. It was an easy choice for me, the transition was almost seamless and I knew that I would obtain great skills by furthering my education at Merrimack. The graduate program continues on with smaller class sizes and personal attention, which is essential to obtain a deep understanding of the topics covered. Lastly, the graduate program is flexible and is easy to work around. I have a full time job and I can schedule my classes so it won’t interfere.


Overall, my experiences at MerrimackCollege have transformed and helped me grow as a person. The Girard School of Business and International Commerce and the graduate program have given me the necessary skills to be successful as a manager. Furthermore, I am thankful to my professors for the wealth of knowledge that they have given me. I am also grateful for all their positive feedback and interactions throughout my years here at MerrimackCollege.