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Ara Sarajian

Ara Sarajian

Class of 2010
Marketing Major

Ara, a business major with a concentration in marketing, has found plenty of outlets at Merrimack to practice his built in leadership qualities. As a representative on the Student Government Association, Ara volunteered to participate as one of the few students on Merrimack’s committee to revise the College’s mission.

“I was happy to volunteer for something that would actually cause change,” said Ara, whose role is to give a student perspective on Merrimack’s mission. “As a current student, I know what’s going on and I believe I do a very good job of representing the today’s student.”

Ara’s main goal is to help make Merrimack a better place, and he is vested in the College as a long line of Merrimackans - his mother and her five siblings graduated from Merrimack, and his grandfather attended Merrimack before becoming a priest. Ara’s family helped build Merrimack’s history, and he is continuing that tradition.

All it took was a tour of the campus to get Ara to apply and ultimately attend his family’s Alma Mater. “I knew I wanted to come after taking a tour, and a couple of my mother’s professors remembered her and talked to her after all those years. I knew I wouldn’t find that anywhere else.”

Ara now gives his own tours as a Presidential Ambassador for Merrimack, and as a marketing concentrate, he can see how giving tours can build his professional skills. “Giving tours teaches me to answer questions on my feet, to stay calm, and especially how to sell something.”

He also appreciates the community environment at Merrimack, which helps as a campus guide. “I toured a couple of bigger schools and it wasn’t for me,” said Ara. “At Merrimack, I really know our deans and professors.”