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Center for Biotechnology and Biomedical Sciences

Corporate Partnerships

The CBBS provides space, resources and expertise for local biotech firms.

A corporate partnership with Nexcelom, a local biotechnology company, was established in 2010. Scientists from Nexcelom are using the tissue culture facilities in the CBBS to perform experiments to test their state-of-the-art automated cell counter, the Cellometer (R). The funds they donated to the CBBS were used to establish summer stipends for two undergraduate fellows. Nexcelom is also providing internship experience for Merrimack undergraduates.

The CBBS facilities include a fully equipped modern molecular biology laboratory, including Applied Biosciences real-time PCR Light Cycler, Shimadzu UV-1800 and BioSpec-nano spectrophotometers, Li-Cor DNA sequence analyzer; a cell culture facility; and an imaging suite. CBBS faculty are prepared to assist corporate partners in the use of the equipment, experimental design and qualified undergraduates can be recruited to assist in the execution of experiments as interns.