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Center for Biotechnology and Biomedical Sciences

Interdisciplinary Programs

Merrimack College offers students the opportunity, in conjunction with affiliated academic departments, to design their own contract majors.

Once a plan is outlined and approved, the students embark on their personalized course of study. Biomedical Engineering is the first contract major sponsored by the CBBS. Many other possibilities exist including Computational Biomedicine and Bioinformatics, Foundations of Drug Design, Biomechanical Modeling, Statistical Biomedicine, Forensic Science, and Bio-ethics, to name a few.

To ensure the success of the contract major student, the CBBS acts as a resource for interdisciplinary programs to:

  • aid in compiling appropriate sequence of courses
  • identify relevant material to augment course content
  • supply materials, equipment and space for laboratory experiments
  • promote shared common experiences in and out of the classroom
  • promote community through a variety of co-curricular activities
  • obtain funding for new equipment at the request of the the faculty

Capstone experiences are a particularly important feature of the interdisciplinary contract majors. The CBBS provides contacts for internships in industry and academia, as well as space, materials and equipment for students to carry out experiments in the Center, and advice and assistance for both faculty and students.