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Graduate Programs

Merrimack College

The graduate program in Moderate Disabilities prepares candidates to work with children in grades PreK-8 with moderate disabilities who participate in integrated or self-contained classrooms. 

Course Title Credits
ED 501G Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment in Social Studies and World Geography 4
ED 502G Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment in Science, Health and Physical Education 2
ED 503G Children’s and Young Adult Literature and Arts, with Field Experience 2
ED 505G Foundations of Special Education 2
ED 507G Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment in Reading & Language Arts 4
ED 513G Diagnostic Assessments 2
ED 571G Understanding Children with Mild & Moderate Disabilities: Characteristics, Terminology, Practices, Placement & Adaptations 2
ED 572G Child Development and Language Acquisition: Theories, Issues, Practices and Research 2
ED 573G Math Methods for the Elementary School 2
ED 574G The Successful & Positive Classroom: Organization, Management & Accountability 2
GRAD 519 Core Math: Numbers and Operations, Function, Geometry and Algebra 4
ED 551G Practicum and Teaching Seminar for Teacher of Moderate Disabilities (PreK-8); 300 hours
Students must receive permission prior to enrolling in a practicum.
ED 557G The Culturally & Linguistically Diverse Student with Special Needs 2
ED 567G Response to Intervention Model: History, Characteristics & Implementation 2


Students must pass all MTEL exams appropriate for the Teacher of Students with Moderate Disabilities (PreK-8) Licensure to enroll in the Practicum Course ED 551G.

Course work and program options are subject to change.