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International Programs

Summer 2015 Wroxton Courses

Four courses are being offered this summer, two by Merrimack faculty and two by Fairleigh Dickinson University faculty. Students choose two (1 course from Merrimack and 1 course from FDU) and earn up to 7 credits.

COM 3231: Intercultural Communication, Professor Raechel Tiffe, Communication Arts and Sciences, Merrimack College, 4 credits

Satisfies a Social Science distribution requirement and (D) requirement in LS Core

This course examines scholarly research and current events with concerted attention towards the improved practice of communication in intercultural, international, and interfaith settings.  The primary questions investigated in the course will address the dynamics of culture, ethnicity, religion, and identity in terms of issues of representation, inequality, and empowerment against the backdrop of global transition in the 21st Century.  The course will pay particular attention to the ways religion and ethnic identity influence each other at the individual, community, national, and international levels. The course will call upon research from critical and functional perspectives that utilize qualitative and quantitative methods of inquiry.

FAA 2560: London Theatre, Professor Richard Piatt, Visual and Performing Arts, Merrimack College, 4 credits

Satisfies an Arts & Literature distribution requirement, a major/minor in Theatre (elective) and (X) in the LS Core

Students will explore the significant role England holds in theatre history and contemporary practice. Students will explore the history of theatre in England, with specific attention paid to significant playwrights, theatre buildings, theatre companies, directors, actors and producers.  Students will also be exposed to  theatre traditions including the cycle plays, pantomime, pub theatre, the West End, as well as significant current trends in British Theatre (In Yer Face Theatre, Devised Theatre).  In excursions to London and other centers of theatre, students will tour the cities, tour specific theatres, view and review professional theatre productions.  Upon return, students will team up for a final presentation/project which will effectively educate the Merrimack Community about their experience.   This course combines assigned reading, travel experiences, written assignments and examinations with classroom discussion and attendance at live theatrical productions.  

INTER 3430: Anatomy of Contemporary Britain, Prof. Nicholas Baldwin, Fairleigh Dickinson University, 3 credits

Satisfies a Social Science Requirement in the LS Core

A special 3 credit inter-disciplinary program intended as a helpful companion to finding oneself not only in a foreign country but also in a foreign culture. It has been specially designed to introduce the student to the environment and life-style of Britain today, and to set these in their necessary context. Common use of ‘English’ language in both the United States and Britain often conceals essential differences that exist in culture and in attitudes. These differences will be identified and explored through the study of a variety of topics both in the classroom setting and outside. Students will be encouraged to focus their own observations in order to deepen and broaden their understanding of Britain, its inhabitants and its culture, and to do so in a way that will enable them to reflect more fully upon their own country, culture and ‘way of life’. Just because things may be - indeed are - different, does not make them, by virtue of that fact alone, either ‘better’ or ‘worse’ than what individuals are used to and find comfortable within their own home environment. ‘Different’ should not be a value judgment. There are reasons why differences occur, reasons why things are the way they are. It is the task of the student to pinpoint these reasons, to ascertain why. In doing this, one will be able to come to an awareness - and greater understanding - of Contemporary Britain. 

HIST 3422: Britain in the Modern Era, Prof. Angela Morris, Fairleigh Dickinson University, 3 credits

Satisfies a Historical Requirement in the LS Core

A history of Britain with a focus on the political, social, economic and cultural developments that have “made” contemporary Britain. Course outline include topics such as: Britain after Napoleon; The Era of Lord Liverpool; The Whig Reforms and Parliamentary Reform; Chartism; The Birth of the Modern Party System and the Ministries of Sir Robert Peel; William E. Gladstone and Benjamin Disraeli - the Great Rivals; The Origins of industrial Decline; The Rise of Labour; The Liberals and the Lords; Votes for Women, Britain between the Wars and The Post-War Attlee Government and the Birth of the Welfare State.