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Program Goals and Learning Objectives

Program Goals

The Economics Department Program Goals specify what students should achieve as graduates from the program.

  • To provide majors and minors with a wide range of career choices, including, but not limited to, business, finance, law, teaching and public policy.
  • To provide majors and minors with a conceptual framework for understanding and critiquing complex and contradictory perspectives of how economies work.
  • To provide majors and minors with the principles to make normative assessments of economic systems.
  • To provide non majors with an introduction to economics that emphasizes the rules of decision-making and the tools of market analysis and assessment.

Learning Objectives

The Economics Department Learning Objectives reflect what students need to know to achieve department program goals.

  • To understand that economics is a social science, emphasizing the social relationships involved in the problems of resource allocation, production, exchange and distribution.
  • To understand the causes and consequences of national economic events, including the role of economic policy in response to and as a cause of economic outcomes.
  • To understand the inter-relationships between historical events and the development of economic theory, including the various core assumptions that lead to contrasting world-views.
  • To understand the basic factual knowledge of the U.S. economy and the world economy.
  • To develop skills in numeracy, including deriving and interpreting quantitative measurements.