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School of Liberal Arts


The Education Department at Merrimack College offers teacher preparation programs in elementary education; moderate disabilities; middle school; and secondary education. 

All programs are grounded in the liberal arts and students take a variety of courses designed to strike a balance between content and methodology; theory and practice; and between ideas and the application of ideas to schools and to education programs in schools, grades K – 12.  Moreover, the Education Department tries to find the appropriate balance between existing knowledge about good practice and emerging outcomes from research that sheds new light on how to improve schools, learning and the lives of children.

There is a high degree of competence and dedication among the faculty of education.  All have had experience in school districts and know how to enrich their teaching with real examples from their own work in schools, grades K – 12.

The faculty strives to personalize their teaching to meet the unique needs of each student.  They know all of the education students and go out of their way to make learning in the classroom a significant, comfortable and challenging experience for everyone.

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