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Jennifer Palazzo McNeill

Jennifer Palazzo McNeill

Class of 2010
English and Communications

As a student in the required freshman composition class, Jennifer Palazzo was a Communications major who hadn’t given much thought to pursuing a degree in English as well.  “I always had a talent and interest in English, but it didn’t occur to me that I could have a future majoring in it.”  But her love of freshmen composition and an inspiring professor led her to double major in English and Communications.   She enjoys the way these two disciplines complement one another as they explore written and verbal uses of language.

Jennifer has already had plenty of opportunity to put her English major to work outside of the classroom.  As a peer tutor in the Writing Center, she helps other students explore new ways to brainstorm, organize, edit, and proofread their papers.  “Sometimes we just talk about writing and writing strategies,” which often helps unlock writer’s block.  “Every student should take advantage of the process of peer tutoring,” she says.  “The tutors are students who have experience with the kind of writing assignments students face.  I have also found that my writing has improved and I understand the writing process a lot more.  All of us are learning all the time.”

The Writing Center isn’t the only place Jennifer has been able to put her English major to use.   She has found that many doors have been opened for her that might have been otherwise closed.  “Right now,” she says, “I work at a law firm as an intern.  I was hired in part because they needed someone who could write legal documents for them.  Since I’m an English major, they knew that I could do the work diligently and professionally.”  Jennifer has worked as a marketing intern.  “You don’t need to be a business major to get such an internship,” she says.  “My boss hired me because she needed someone to put her ideas into words for her website.”

Jennifer is currently marketing/communications manager at Safelight Security Advisors in San Francisco, CA.