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Film Studies

Film Studies

The Film Studies minor provides a unique perspective on film from a constellation of fields and disciplines within the School of Liberal Arts, including Communication and Media, English, Women’s and Gender Studies; World Languages and Cultural Studies; and Visual and Performing Arts.

This minor will equip students with tools to analyze the formal aspects of cinema, as well as its broader social, cultural, and historical significance. Students will also have the opportunity to learn film and video production techniques.

The minor is intended for students who wish to deepen their understanding of film history, analysis, video production, and editing. The Film Studies Minor can lead to opportunities in filmmaking, directing, editing, film criticism, and provide the background necessary to pursue graduate studies.

The minor requires the completion of a minimum of 18 credits, with a minimum of five courses (including 2 foundational courses and 3 elective courses) chosen from the list below and distributed so that no more than two elective courses can be taken from the same department.

Foundational Courses

Students must choose two of the following foundational courses:

  • ENG 2100 History of Film
  • FAA 2850 Movie Making
  • COM 3425 The Film Experience
  • or one course in World Cinema

World Cinema courses:

  • FRE 3030 Cinema of the French-Speaking World
  • FRE 3040(W) Five Centuries of French Civilization in Films
  • ITA 2550 Italian-Americans and Film
  • ITA 2560(W) The Italian Southern Question in Literature and Film
  • ITA 2570/ITA2580 Italian Culture through Film I and II
  • SPA 3020 Latin American and Spanish Contemporary Film

Elective Courses

No more than two elective courses can be taken from the same department (not including the core courses listed above):

  • COM 3312(W) Television Criticism
  • COM 3422 Introduction to Television Production
  • COM 3425 The Film Experience
  • COM 4011 Special Topics: Video Production, Studio
  • ENG 2100 History of Film
  • ENG 2770 Literature and Film
  • ENG 3640 The Eighties: Literature, Film, and Culture in the Blockbuster Era
  • ENG 3735 Hollywood’s America: Gender, Race and Class in American Cinema
  • ENG Green Screen: Environmental Film
  • ENG 3755 World Cinema: Nordic Noir
  • FAA 2220 Cartooning and Illustration
  • FAA 2450 Basic Digital Photography
  • FAA 2850 Movie Making
  • FAA 3840 2D Animation
  • WGS 2420 Gender, Sex, and Film
  • WGS 3120 Women, Film, and the Politics of Representation
  • WLC 1200 Global Zombie

To see the descriptions of all the courses, please view the academic catalogue.

It is strongly recommended that students gain experience in film production. In addition, students might pursue internships, directed studies, or other options outside of the classroom.

Career Paths

For information, contact:
Nancy Wynn
Associate Professor, Graphic Design
or Joseph Vogel
Assistant Professor, English

Merrimack Film Club

The Merrimack Film Club was established in the fall of 2015. Its purpose is to help members of the Merrimack community deepen their understanding of cinematic history and innovation, as well as broaden their intellectual and creative horizons. The Film Club gives students new opportunities to use film as an artistic medium for individual expression, while creating new networks of colleagues and friends.

The Merrimack Film Club typically sponsors two, full-length lectures during the academic year, as well as two on-campus film festivals during the spring semester.

The  Merrimack Film Club hopes to make an impact on campus by continuously exploring new creative directions. The Club welcomes new members who are interested in helping shape Merrimack’s film environment.

Video Lightbox

Check out this new video interview with Film Club President, Mike Ralphs!

For more information contact either
Mike Ralphs
Christina Prendergast
Olivia Lombardo