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Former CAMPers

Previous Lab Members

Graduation Year
Post - Graduation
Joseph LaTorre 2015 Fullbright Scholar
Casey Duggan 2015 Intern - EMC
Tyler Szymanski 2014 Behavioral Therapist - ABA
Joshua Czerepica 2014  
Christina Moreira
Thesis: Which context is better for reading comprehension?
2014 Boston College - MSW - Clinical Social Work
Dominique Mercier 2013 Watts Water Technologies
Alexandria Orlando 2013 Merrimack College - M.Ed. in Higher Education
Kathleen Mondo 2013 New England Center for Children
Erica Garguilo 2013  
Michael Beausoleil 2012 Merrimack College - M.Ed. in Higher Education
Jeffrey Botto
Thesis: Revisiting Stroop: Do typeface and color/word manipulations rely on similar underlying processes?
2012 Northeastern University - M.S. in Criminal Justice
Amanda Cremone
Thesis: Toward a new theory of release from proactive interference.
2012 University of Massachusetts Amherst - Ph.D. in Neuroscience
Tania Leeder
Thesis: Changing Synesthetic Colors in a Grapheme-colored Synesthete
2012 MA/MS in International Cognitive and Visualization Program
Jessica Peacock
Thesis: Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation in Sports: The effect of motivation on an athlete‚Äôs peak performance.
2012 Springfield College - M.A. in Exercise Physiology
Samantha Ricker
Thesis: Traditional paper text or electronic text: Which is better?
2012 Boston College - M.A. in Educational Psychology
Jeffrey Velleca 2012 Central Connecticut State - M.A. in Professional Rehabilitation Counseling
John DiDio 2011 Still trying to find his way!!
Joe Marraccino 2011 Developmental Specialist
Theresa Travia 2011 University of Massachusetts, Amherst - M.A. in Special Education 
Katelyn Campbell 2010 University of Hartford - Psy.D. in Psychology
Janelle Hickey 2008 UMass - Boston MA - M.S. in Mental Health Counseling