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Religious and Theological Studies

Career Paths

What can I do with a major or minor in religious & theological studies?
In our increasingly interconnected world, where cultures collide with one another, we can no longer remain ignorant of the basic beliefs and convictions of others. In business, law, management, international relations, education, medicine, law enforcement, government, social services, etc., one encounters people of different faiths.

The student of religion and theology is uniquely equipped for succeeding in a diverse environment precisely because he/she understands the basic convictions and motivations of others. Because the study of religion and theology prepares one to be an active global citizen and emphasizes the importance of critical thinking and rational argumentation, the career opportunities for those who major or minor in religion and theology are diverse. 

Some possibilities are:

  • Law
  • Education
  • Business Management
  • Medicine
  • Ministry 
  • Public Relations
  • Counseling
  • Politics
  • International Relations
  • Journalism
  • Media
  • Publishing
  • Social Services