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Social Justice

Global Justice and Human Rights Concentration

In conjunction with their adviser, Social Justice majors are strongly encouraged to craft an area of concentration based on their interests. One sample concentration we have put together is in global justice and human rights. 

Meet Your Concentration

As a social justice major with a concentration in global justice and human rights, you’ll learn how to turn your passion for human rights and a more just world into a rewarding career. By completing liberal arts and criminology coursework, you’ll prepare to succeed in a world where social issues have become globally interconnected.

In the global justice and human rights program, you will:

  • Learn about the most powerful gender and social movements of our time, including the civil rights movement, women’s rights movement and anti-apartheid movement.
  • Discover the core tenants of communications and nonprofit organizing to drive meaningful change at the local and global level.
  • Delve into core social ethics concepts that drive people’s beliefs and behavior.
  • Explore ways to speak and write persuasively to communicate your ideas and spark action.
  • Gain the theoretical, analytical and experiential knowledge that will prepare you for global advocacy and human-rights work.

Hands-On Learning

Outside the classroom, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in community-based or nongovernmental organization internships focusing on areas like economic disparity or at-risk youth. You can also get involved in Social Justice Week, an on-campus initiative that addresses inequality issues through high-profile speaker events and campuswide discussions.

Career Options

Upon successful completion of the global justice and human rights program, you’ll be well-equipped to pursue a career in advocacy, law, criminal justice, conflict resolution or social work. Positions may include:

  • Community organizer
  • Human rights activist
  • Journalist
  • Nonprofit director
  • Research consultant
  • Teacher

What You’ll Take

All social justice majors take a minimum of 34 credits in the major and nine (9) courses and an internship. 

If you are concentrating in global justice and human rights, you will also take courses in the following areas:

Elective Courses

Global Justice
Choose one:                       Any course listed under Global Justice
Ethics and Theory
PHL 3030 Global Justice
Legal, Political or Economic Perspectives on Social Justice

One of the following courses:

POL 2510             International Politics*
ECO 3303 Economic Development**
Historical or Cultural Perspectives on Social Justice

One of the following courses:

ENG 3770 Caribbean Women Writers†
ENG 3800 Post Colonial Literature†
ENG 3850  Twentieth Center Caribbean Writers† 
HSC 3103 Global Public Health
HIS 2340 Survey of Latin American History
POL 3521  Latin American Politics*
RTS 2900 Holocaust
RTS 2950 Ethics in the Abrahamic Traditions
RTS 3750 Jews and Christians: Conflicts and Reconciliations
RTS 3850 War and Peace: Religious Perspectives
SPA 3060 Actualidad Latinamericana*
SPA 3610 Race, Literature and Culture*
SPA 4050 Literatures and Cultures of Resistance*
WGS 3110                                                    Global Women’s Issues: Gender, Activism, and Social Justice
WGS 2200 Gender and Social Movements
WGS 3830 Gender and Global Health
Additional Courses

Select three additional courses from those listed above or you may choose from the following options:

ESS 1050  Environmental Studies Gateway
POL 3531 Politics of Developing Nations*
COM 3231  Intercultural Communication**
HIS 3439                                                          Slavery and Race in the Early Modern Atlantic World, 1400-1800
ITA 2530 Italian Women Writers 
RTS 2990 Women in Islam
RTS 3900 Women’s Voices in the Holocaust

Note: Courses with more than one prerequisite are mainly options for students pursuing a minor or major in the same discipline.

†  One prerequisite, which is either PHL 1000 or ENG/WRT 1050
*  One prerequisite
** Two or more prerequisites

More Info 

Luis Sáenz de Viguera Erkiaga
Director, Social Justice
Associate Professor, World Languages and Cultures