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Visual & Performing Arts

Abbie Hinds Aldrich

Abbie Hinds Aldrich

Department of Visual and Performing Arts (formerly Fine Arts)
Art History Major, Bus. Admin/Comm. Studies Minor
BA, Art History, 2009

Abbie has been making jewelry for over several years now – selling her pieces since the age of 16 and wearing all her own work. As an Art History major at Merrimack and a seasoned jeweler, Abbie was working on perfecting the art of turning an established hobby into a career.
Abbie came to Merrimack to get the balance between art and academics, something she didn’t think she could get in art school.  As an artist, Abbie also saw the added strength of studying business.  She also coupled her art history degree with a minor in business administration and communication studies in order to reach her goal – owning a gallery to display jewelry and artwork.
Even as an artist, Abbie saw the added strength in having a business. “Studying business was strange for me at first, but it has been tremendously helpful. Ultimately, I would like open a small business within the next 10 years.”
Beyond her jewelry - primarily sterling silver wire work - she also helped curate exhibits in Merrimack’s two gallery areas and organized her first art exhibit on campus – a young graffiti artist who displayed his work for the community. 

While earning her degree, Abbie continued to make jewelry for J. Dostie jewelers (Portland, ME), where her first collection went on display; and Lorica Artworks (Andover, MA), where some of her pieces were also displayed. As an undergraduate she said “It’s great to already have my work in two states!”