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Visual & Performing Arts

The Visual & Performing Arts Major in Graphic Design: Requirements

The Graphic Design Major requires the completion of a minimum of 64 credits and a minimum of 16 courses, as specified below:

Art History / Critical Analysis and Process Courses

One of the following two courses in Art History: FAA 1610 Art and Material Culture 1: Prehistory to the Renaissance
FAA 1620 Art and Material Culture 2: The Renaissance to the Present
And the following three courses: FAA 1710 Foundations of the Visual Arts
FAA 3850 History of Graphic Design
FAA 3960 Methodologies of Scholarship in the Visual and Performing Arts

Foundations Courses

One of the following two courses: FAA 1210 Basic Drawing 1
FAA 2210 Basic Drawing 2
One of the following two courses: FAA 2230 3-Dimensional Design
FAA 2580 Design for the Theatre
And the following four courses: FAA 1230 2-Dimensional Design
FAA 2830 Layout Analysis and Construction
FAA 2840 Image Making and Meaning
FAA 2860 Graphic Design 1 (prerequisite FAA 2830, FAA 2840)

Required Pass / No Pass non-credit course. Submission of portfolio after Foundation Coursework completed. Pass to continue in major.

FAA 3800 Portfolio Review

Advanced Courses

FAA 3830  Visual Web Design (prerequisite FAA 2860) 
FAA 3840  2-Dimensional Animation (prerequisite FAA 2860) 
FAA 3870  Graphic Design 2 (prerequisite FAA 2860) 
FAA 3880  Graphic Design 3 (prerequisite FAA 3870) 

Senior Courses

FAA 4950 Senior Portfolio (prerequisite FAA 3880)
FAA 4960 Senior Seminar with Thesis (prerequisite FAA 3860 and FAA 3880 for Graphic Design Majors)


FAA 4910/20 Visual and Performing Arts Internship (prerequisite FAA 3870 for Graphic Design Majors)

Technology Requirement:

Students are required to utilize creative industry standard technology. Freshman and sophomore years: Macintosh iPad Pro with Stylus and an Adobe Creative Suite Student Subscription. Junior and senior years: Macintosh Mac Book Pro and an Adobe Creative Suite Student Subscription. The Mobile Merrimack Initiative and Merrimack’s Optional Laptop Program are two programs helping students stay competitive in the marketplace upon graduation. If you have any questions about the technology requirements, please contact Associate Professor Nancy Wynn.

Career Paths 



Please contact:
Nancy Wynn
Associate Professor, Visual Graphic Design