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Visual & Performing Arts

The Visual & Performing Arts Major in Theatre: Requirements

The Theatre Arts Major requires completing a minimum of 42 credits and a minimum of 11 courses, as specified below. Students are required to participate in productions presented by the Visual and Performing Arts Department, as determined by the needs of the student and the production. During their undergraduate academic careers, Theatre Arts students are also required to serve on the Merrimack College Theatre Program’s Board of Directors for a minimum of two semesters (five maximum).

The following courses are required of all Theatre Arts majors:

Core Courses (7 courses, 26 credits)

FAA 2520 Theatre History I
FAA 2530  Theatre History II
FAA 1510 Acting I
FAA 2505 Politics of Performance: Theatre, Government, and Social Change
FAA 2590 Arts Management
FAA 2570 Technical Production for the Theatre
FAA 1515 Theatre Practicum: Rehearsal and Performance (2 credits, repeatable)

Methods Course (1 course, 4 credits)

FAA 3960 Theory in the Visual and Performing Arts (formerly Historiography and Methodologies of Art History)

Elective Courses (2 courses, 8 credits)

FAA 2510 Acting II
FAA 3520 Acting III: Special Topics in Acting
FAA 3510 Directing I
FAA 2540 Introduction to Playwriting
FAA 2550 American Musical Theatre
FAA 1520 Voice for the Stage
FAA 2560 The London Theatre: A Study/Travel Experience
FAA 2500 Women in Theatre
FAA 2580 Design for the Theatre
FAA 4910 Theatre Internship
FAA 4510 Arts Management Internship

A student may take 1 of the following courses in the English department to fulfill 1 of the 2 required electives:

ENG 3220 Renaissance Drama
ENG 3250 Shakespearean Drama
ENG 3680 World Drama
ENG 3820 Twentieth Century Drama and Performance by Women

Senior Capstone Course (1 course, 4 credits)

FAA 4500 Senior Seminar

Career Paths


Please contact:
Dr. Kathleen Sills
Associate Professor, Theatre