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Women’s and Gender Studies

Major Requirements

Requirements for the Women’s and Gender Studies Major

Completion of a minimum of 34 credits and a minimum of nine (9) courses for the Bachelor of Arts degree.  The major consists of nine (9) courses including an introductory course (WGS 1010 Gender and Society), 3 area requirements, a capstone/senior seminar, and 4 electives.  A maximum of three (3) cross-listed courses may be used to fulfill major requirements. At least five (5) of the nine (9) courses must be at the 3000 level or above.

Area Requirements 

Three courses, one (1) course from each of the following three categories (see list of courses that count –others may be added):

A.  Global Contexts

This category emphasizes that women’s and gender issues extend across the world into cultures, societies, and cultural productions very different from those found in the U.S. 

B.  Race/Ethnicity and Intersectionality

Courses in this category focus on helping students understand the dynamics of intersectionality through courses that emphasize race and ethnicity in relation to gender. 

C.  Critical Sexuality and Gender Studies

Courses in this incorporate an intersectional approach that helps students comprehend the complexity of gender identities and sexualities on local, national, and global levels.

A.  Global Contexts

WGS 3000   Thinking Green: Environmental Justice, Gender, and Animal Rights

WGS 3100   Feminist Theory

WGS 3110   Global Women’s Issues: Gender, Activism and, Social Justice

WGS 3430   Gender, Race, and the Media

WGS 3830   Gender and Global Health

WGS 3720   Gender, Immigration and the Law

HIS   2340    Survey of Latin American History

HIS   3391    Women in Modern European History

RTS   2990   Special Topics: Women in Islam

RTS   3900   Women’s Voices in the Holocaust

ITA   2530    Italian Women Writers

SPA  3630    Studies in Popular Culture of Latin America and Spain

SPA  4050    Literature(s)/Culture(s) of Resistance

B.  Race/Ethnicity and Intersectionality

WGS  2010      Introduction to Ethnic Studies

WGS  2260      Southwestern Women Writers and Artists

WGS  3000      Thinking Green:  Environmental Justice, Gender, and Animal Rights

WGS  3300      U.S. Women’s History

WGS  3360      Fieldwork in the Southwestern U. S.

WGS  3430      Gender, Race, and the Media

WGS  3630      “Changing Woman:” The Reality and Myth of Native American Women

WGS  3720      Gender, Immigration, and the Law

CRM  3380W   Race, Class, and Crime (formerly SOC 3380W)

EDU  3620       Cultural Diversity in the Schools

ENG  3350       Sex, Race, and Empire: 1688-1814

ENG  3830       American Indian Renaissance

ENG  3860       Italian American Women Writers

ENG  3870       Literature of the Harlem Renaissance

HIS   3439       Slavery and Race in the Early Modern Atlantic World, 1400-1800

SOC  2000      Ways of Seeing II: Class, Gender, and Race (was Soc Class in America)

SPA  3310         Latinos in the U.S.: Literature, Culture, and Service Learning

SPA  3630        Studies in Popular Culture of Latin America and Spain

SPA  4050        Literature(s)/Culture(s) of Resistance

C.  Critical Sexuality and Gender Studies

WGS 2200      Gender and Social Movements

WGS  2420     Gender, Sex, and Film

WGS 2900W   Writing the Gendered Life

WGS  3100     Feminist Theory

WGS 3120      Women, Film, and the Politics of Representation

WGS  3140     Studies in Masculinities

WGS 3230      Gender and Popular Culture

WGS  3250     Sex and Gender Studies

WGS  3420     Gender, Race, and the Media

WGS  3660     Southwestern Women in the U. S.

WGS  3710     Gender and the Law

WGS  4100     Gender Studies

EDU   4683     Gender in Education

PSY    2420     Psychology of Sex Differences