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World Languages and Cultural Studies

AP, CLEP, and Other WLCS Transfer Credits

Advanced Placement (AP):

As a participant in the Advanced Placement Program of the College Board, Merrimack College will grant credit to students who present examination scores of at least 3 on Advanced 295 Placement tests offered by the Educational Testing Service.

Students who have taken the test should have their official scores sent directly from the Educational Testing Service (ETS) in Princeton, New Jersey, to the Dean of Admissions at Merrimack College (Merrimack College code number: 3525) prior to June 1st.

It should be noted that chairs of each academic department establish the number of Merrimack College credits and the advanced placement level for successful students under the Advanced Placement Program.

WLCS credits for Advanced Placement are granted as follows:


College Level Examination Program (CLEP):  

Course credit may be granted through the CLEP program, in which students can take an equivalency examination in an academic area instead of a course offered by the College in that area. The examinations are offered by the College Entrance Examination Board and are available in most academic disciplines. CLEP examinations are usually offered to replace courses at the introductory level. A transfer applicant to the college who has taken CLEP exams is required to have their official CLEP score report sent to Merrimack College (code #3525) for potential transfer credit.

CLEP examinations should be taken prior to the start of the student’s junior year, but no later than the start of the student’s senior year. 


When and where can I take the CLEP Test?

If you live near Merrimack College, you can take the CLEP test at Northern Essex Community College. Information regarding CLEP testing dates and testing facilities is available to students and advisors by contacting the Merrimack College World Languages & Cultures office at 978-837-5376 or by visiting the NECC website. Depending on your score, you may be granted up to 12 credits, as follows:

Students pursuing a language minor should be aware that at least half of the course requirements must be taken at Merrimack college, and that for this reason they will be required to take a minimum of three courses beyond their CLEP transfer credits.