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World Languages and Cultural Studies

Language Placement Exam

The Language Placement Exam is available on-line through the college’s Blackboard Academic Suite.  Please refer to your welcome letter sent to you via mail for your log-in information.

Who needs to take the exam?

Every new student is required to log in to the exam. The first part of the exam is an assessment. This assessment will ask you questions about your language history in order for us to determine if you are required to take part two of the exam.

If you took French, Italian, or Spanish in high school and wish to continue your study in one of these languages, you will be prompted to move forward with part two of the exam. If you have not taken one of these languages, or you wish to begin a different language at the introductory level, simply fill out the part one assessment and follow the instructions to complete the exam. You will need to designate the language that you wish to study on your Academic Interest Form.

For example:
If you have NEVER taken Spanish before, TAKE PART 1 ONLY

If you have ALREADY taken Spanish, TAKE PART 1 & 2. When you get the result for Part 2, proceed to the “AFTER YOU TAKE THE EXAM: WHERE SHOULD YOU REGISTER?” link on the left, and find out where you have placed.

About your score:

The test results will not appear in a traditional fashion (a lower grade does not equal lower proficiency, a higher grade does not equal higher proficiency).  The Registrar’s office will place you in the appropriate class based on your score.  During orientation,  members of the World Languages Department will be available to answer any questions you might have.

For Transfer Students:

Please complete the exam as soon as possible after you deposit. Please refer to the Transfer Credit Evaluation Sheet which was sent to you by the Admission Office; this document reflects the courses that Merrimack College has already accepted in transfer as well as any that may still be under review.  If transferred credits have already fulfilled your language requirement, or if you plan to start a new language at Merrimack, you do not have to take the language placement exam.  

Incoming students with questions about the exam should contact the Academic Success Center at or 978.837.5754.

Visit the Frequently Asked Questions and Answers webpage for more helpful information.