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World Languages and Cultural Studies

Social Justice Week 2013

Social Justice Week is:

- A question and a challenge posed to Merrimack College students, faculty, and staff.  (What is Social Justice for each one of us? How engaged do you want to be in practical terms with the idea of contributing to build a more just world?)
- An open invitation to everyone at Merrimack College to come together in order to: define what Social Justice means for each one of us, and for our college community, and decide what place the idea and the practice of Social Justice should have in everyday life, as well as in academics.
- A de-centered, grassroots initiative, born from the convergence of concerns and interests of faculty, students, and staff.
- An umbrella for a series of events that will take place all over campus on March 11-15th, 2013, and that will bring a variety of opportunities to inform yourself about issues related to Social Justice, and about what you can do to help different local, national, and global causes.
- An opportunity  to share with the others your own understanding of what Social Justice means, bring attention to particular problems that you are concerned with, and create networks and initiative that will work to put an end to those problems. This is a great chance to make other members of our campus community aware of many different issues and problems related to Social Justice, and to meet other people to work together on those issues.
- The hope that we can all work together, overcome the barriers that separate us, and share our concerns, creativity, areas of expertise, and volunteering experiences in order to work together to become more aware and committed to building together a more just world.
- A challenge to embrace your faith and/or beliefs and discover what it means to live in a truly just world.

- Whatever you want it to be…

Click here for schedule of Confirmed events.

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Disclaimer: Although we are extremely grateful to the Department of World Languages and Cultures for the space on their website, the Non-existing Non-Committee for Social Justice Week would like to make it clear that the week itself is not associated to a single department or office on campus. The Social Justice Week project was put in motion thanks to a Faculty Led Initiative from the Office of the Provost. Some departments and offices are sponsoring specific events, and this will be duly noted on the schedule. Social Justice Week, however, is a collaborative effort by students, staff, and faculty, and we would like to highlight this aspect of the project.