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World Languages and Cultural Studies

The Argentinian delegation at the Global Village celebration.

Spanish Out of Class Activities


Out of Class Requirement

On this page, you will find a description of the Out of Class activity requirement in the Spanish Program, its policies, as well as suggestions of possible out of class activities, and a calendar of activities.

The Spanish program requires its students to meaningfully engage with the Spanish language and its cultures outside of the classroom. Therefore, there is a requirement for all students from the intermediate level on to attend or participate in at least 10 out of class cultural activities during a semester. These out of class cultural activities will give students credit for 10% of the final grade. Although the primary objective of this requirement is to encourage students to interact with Spanish-speaking communities and cultures around Merrimack College, activities or events that connect students with cultures others than their own might count for this requirement, if previously approved by the instructor.

The Department will provide a calendar with events that will count as an out of class activity, although students are encouraged to consult with instructors regarding other events. Likewise, if you know of an exciting event related to Spanish, Latin-American or Latino cultures in our area, please contact the department ( so that we can add it to our calendar.

Possible activities

1. Spanish Table: The Spanish Table will count as one of your class activities under the following conditions:

  • You hand in the 100 word paragraph within 10 days of attending it.
  • You do not use more than one session of the Spanish Table per week to satisfy this requirement.
  • You can only use it to satisfy 50% of the requirement: you cannot use it more than 5 times for your out-of-class activity requirement, although, of course, you are encouraged to attend as much as you can/want.

The Spanish Table takes place MONDAYS (11:00 am-12:00 pm) and TUESDAYS (5:00-6:00 pm) at the Warrior’s Den. Everyone who wants to practice Spanish is invited to join in the conversation! ¡Adelante!

2. Volunteer activities involving Spanish: Your instructor might allow you to use your volunteer work as one of the activities, provided it fulfills certain requirements.

3. World Cultures Events: If there is a World Cultures event that does not necessarily focus on the Spanish-speaking world, it is possible —with your instructor’s permission— that it will count as one of the credits towards this requirements. International film festivals, (multi)ethnic or (multi)cultural festivals, etc…

4. Cultural Enrichment Events: Music Concerts, art exhibitions, lectures, or theatre plays that will be featured in the out of class cultural activity calendar. These events will be selected by the Spanish program if we consider that they expand students’ cultural competences.


Policies regarding specific courses will be presented in said courses’ syllabi. Please, make sure that you read your courses’ section on Out of Class Activities, and if you have any question, contact your instructor as soon as possible.

In order for an activity that you have attended to be counted as one credit towards this requirement, you will have to provide a 100 word paragraph description of your experience at the event to your instructor (150 words if it is a movie), answering all of the questions on these questionnaires:  Questionnaire for general activityQuestionnaire for movie.

If you are taking more than one Spanish class in one semester, let your instructors know, and the total number of activities you will have to attend will be reduced to 15, that you will submit to one of the instructors.

Each course will specify how many out of class activities students are expected to fulfill by the end of each month. Please, make sure that you are aware of what your courses’ policies are in this regard.

Finally, if you are a commuter who has trouble attending evening activities on campus, let your instructor know as soon as possible, so that you can both plan an appropriate calendar and set of activities to fulfill the requirement.

          Activities outside Merrimack College

Take advantage of the multiple cultural events that are constantly taking place around us. Other students might want to go, too, so you might be able to make a nice day/evening out of it!

Social Justice Week is happening right now!

Check out the schedule of events here! Many of the events count as out of class activities, but check with your instructor first.