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Office of Professional Studies

Fall 2017 Course Descriptions

ACC 4406 Advanced Accounting 4 cr.
This course examines and analyzes complex accounting topics not previously covered in Intermediate Accounting. Topics covered include: organization, structure, aims and process used by the FASB; basics of consolidated financial statements; current value accounting; accounting for not-for-profit organizations; governmental accounting; and other topics current in the field of accounting. Prerequisite: ACC 3303. 


BUS 1100 Introduction to Business 4 cr.
Primarily for freshmen, the course provides students with an integrative approach to learning the functional areas of business while emphasizing oral and written communication and effective group interaction. Students will learn various technical, organizational and operational aspects of business through active learning opportunities, case discussions, technological applications, and outside activities.


BUS 2210 Management Information Systems 4 cr.
Management Information Systems presents a core of IS principles with which every business student should be familiar. Information technology has become a key component in accomplishing strategic and operational goals in organizations today. It is necessary to understand how a company utilizes information technology to gain its competitive advantage in business. This course is designed to familiarize the student with the fundamental concepts and principles of information systems. Therefore, it focuses on breadth of coverage rather than the depth of any specific IS area. Topics include: the role of IT in organizations, computers and information processing, hardware and software, managing data resources, telecommunications and networks, electronic commerce, security, IS ethics and leading information technologies and applications. Prerequisites: BUS 1100.


COM 1020 Public Communication 4 cr.
This course focuses on the concepts and practices associated with effective public communication. A central aspect of this course entails the mastering of public speaking through the process of researching, preparing, and delivering presentations in a variety of formats (e.g., informative, persuasive, and impromptu). The classroom is a laboratory in which to develop the skills needed for effective public communication. In addition, students will also analyze public speaking events as a means of developing a critical understanding of the public communication process. No prerequisite.


EEN 1177 Renewable Energy & the Environment 4 cr.

This course combines both theory and nuts and bolts experience with electricity, energy production, and renewable energy topics. Students first learn the very basics of electricity - voltage, current, Ohm’s law. Power and the generation of power will be covered. The amount of coal needed to generate electricity to carry out various everyday tasks is explored. Renewable energy and energy efficiency are introduced. The cost of power is discussed. Real world applications are incorporated - student homes become “lab areas” where energy use of appliances is evaluated, along with actual analysis of electric bills. As the course progresses, issues pertaining to the impact of fossil fuel dependence on the environment are explored. Prerequisites: None. Satisfies a Mathematics/Science Distribution Requirement. Fulfills a STEM requirement in LS Core. NOTE: Credit cannot be awarded for both EEN1065 and EEN1177.


MGT 3310 Organizational Behavior 4 cr.
This course builds on the knowledge and skills developed through the Business Enterprise core courses. The course will focus on individual and group level organizational behavior within domestic and international contexts, with specific emphasis on leadership, power, communication, negotiation, organizational change and self-managed team processes. This course is designed to deepen students’ understanding of behavioral theories and provide them with opportunities to apply that learning to inter-personal, group and organizational problems. This is an experiential course and it is recommended for students planning to apply to graduate school in business or related areas. . Prerequisite: BUS 1100 and at least Sophomore standing. Fulfills X in LS Core.


PHL 1000 Introduction to Philosophy 4 cr.
A first course in philosophy focusing on classic questions that have stirred the perennial human quest for wisdom. We will explore such questions as: Are humans free or determined? How do the mind and body interact? Is ethics just relative to each person or society? Should there be any limits to the political freedom of citizens? Does God exist? The course will introduce students to the methods and culture of philosophy: sympathetic understanding, critical analysis, fair argumentation, and a persistent desire to know the truth whatever it is. The focus and questions covered will be determined by each instructor. Fulfills PHL in LS Core.


WGS 2010 Intro to Ethnic Studies 4 cr.
The main objective of this course is to introduce students to the academic field of Ethnic Studies and the interdisciplinary questions it poses about the way that race, ethnicity and racism structure our world. The course’s focus is within a framework analyzing a range of themes and topics including the intersections of race, class, gender and sexuality; issues of power and privilege; immigration; popular culture and representation. The experiences of various communities of color will be explored including: African Americans, Asian Americans, Chicanos, Latinas, Native Americans and others. This course will also introduce major debates and issues facing Ethnic Studies in the 21st century such as immigration rights, Diaspora and globalization. A variety of mediums will be used in the course including historical and theoretical texts, newspaper articles, online postings, film and cultural analysis. Satisfies a Social Science distribution requirement. Fulfills a SOSC requirement and D in LS Core.

BUS 2203 Accounting for Business 4 cr.

A computer and project based course designed to develop the students’ ability to read and interpret internal and external financial reports, understand their underlying concepts, use their information in making informed decisions, and understand the effects of management decisions on these reports and the financial performance of the business. Topics include the basic concepts of the accounting process, preparation of the financial statements, analysis and application of the generally accepted accounting principles used to account for the various elements of the balance sheet and income statement, accounting for manufacturing operations, cost-volume-profit analysis, relevant costing, budgeting, and financial statement analysis. Prerequisites: BUS 1100.


BUS 4402W Strategic Analysis and Decision Making 4 cr.

Strategic Analysis and Decision Making is a capstone course that exposes students to issues that concern the firm as a whole. Through the use of “real-world” case studies and sophisticated practitioner journal articles, students will be called upon to grapple with such strategic issues as sizing up an organization’s standing in the marketplace, differentiating between winning and mediocre strategies, and spotting ways to improve a company’s strategy execution. In this course student teams will meet with the teaching team one hour per week to discuss their analysis of the assigned readings and cases. Prerequisite: BUS 1100 and all required BUS2xxx courses. Fulfills X and W in LS Core.


COM 3201 Gender & Communication 4 cr. 

This course explores how gender influences the form, style and content of our communication. In addition, this course considers how gender relates to larger issues in communication such as dominance, violence, the power of language and how that structures our world, influences our culture and our perceptions, and the promotion of dominant ideologies of gender. To accomplish these ends, we will examine popular culture both historically as well as contemporary. Students will be asked to look at the underlying assumptions about what it means to be and behave like one gender or another and what it means to live with intersexuality. Exploration of cultures that recognize three gender categories will be discussed. Prerequisite: COM 1020 and COM 2201, or consent of the instructor.


ENG 2770 Literature and Film 4 cr.
Study of the transformation of works of literature into film, focusing on the different techniques used in cinema, literature, and the relationship of film to traditional literature. Class will focus on four major films and the literature they are based on. Fulfills AL in LS Core.


MGT 3325 Ethics and Social Responsibility 4 cr.

Ethics and Social Responsibility provides students with opportunities to examine the meaning of business ethics and the social responsibility of business in light of the numerous high profile challenges that managers face in the current business environment. Varying ethical approaches will be applied to ethical leadership and the management of conflicting values confronting business leaders on a daily basis. The more global issue of balancing principles of good business with principles of ethical behavior in various cultures will be discussed. Students will participate in a significant service-learning project in this course. . Prerequisite: BUS 1100 and at least Sophomore standing. Fulfills E and X in LS Core.


PHL 2020(W) Perspectives on the Good Life 4 cr.

Before it comes to an end, how shall I spend the life I have? What would make that life genuinely worth living? We will seek the guidance of many masters: East and West, ancient and modern, women and men and from diverse races. We have much to consider, but the main challenge for each of us is to shape a perspective we can each embrace as our own. What could be more important? Prerequisite: PHL 1000. Fulfills E and W in LS Core.


WGS 3300 U.S. Women’s History 4 cr.
This class will provide an examination of the history of women in America. It will include history prior to colonization, up to the present. The course will explore women’s roles in US Society and the intersection of class, culture, ethnicity and sexuality in shaping women’s historical experiences across time. The course will examine the transformations and continuities in women’s lives as well as the political, social, economic and cultural factors that inspired, infused or inhibited women’s changing roles. This class also explores the ways in which race, class,
gender, sexuality, and ethnicity have operated to unite and divide disparate groups of women. Satisfies a Humanities distribution requirement. Fulfills H and D in LS Core.


WLC 1000 International Customs, Cultures & Languages 4cr.

This course explores the culture (or cultures) of a non-English-speaking country. The course aims to stimulate cultural curiosity and cross-cultural communication, along with providing practical knowledge of the customs and culture(s) of the specfic country that will be covered each semester. The aspects of the country’s culture that will be covered include Culture and Arts, Social values, Food and other customs, Economics, Geography, History, Politics, Demographics and other social issues such as immigration/emigration, the environment, and mass media. There will also be a language component at the introductory level to provide students with the tools to navigate the target culture. This course is available exclusively for Degree Completion students who are taking courses through the Office of Graduate and Continuing Studies. Fulfills FL in LS Core for GPS students.


WRT 3050W Business and Administrative Communication 4 cr.

This course introduces the principles of effective communication in modern organizations, with particular attention to written communication. Emphasis on analyzing audience, achieving appropriate tone, and developing effective rhetorical strategies to relay information, shape ideas, advise, instruct, persuade, and establish rapport. Prerequisite: WRT1050 or ENG1050 or FYW1050. Satisfies a Humanities distribution requirement or the Institutional Writing Intensive Requirement. Fulfills W in LS Core. Three hours a week.