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Office of Professional Studies

Spring 2017 Course Descriptions

ACC4408 Auditing - 4 cr.

This course provides a strong conceptual and practical approach to auditing. Emphasis is placed on auditing theory, supplemented with practice work papers and discussions with selected representatives of the accounting profession. Prerequisite: BUS2203. Fulfills X in LS Core.


BUS2220 Operations Management - 4 cr.

The course is designed to provide students majoring in business administration with an overview of the concepts, methodologies, and applications of operations management (OM). The focus of operations in the process of converting or transforming resources into products and services. The principal responsibilities of operations managers lie in making sound, cost-effective decisions that increase the productivity and competitiveness of both manufacturing and service organizations. The process of planning, implementing and monitoring the production allows operations managers to continuously improve in providing high quality goods and services at low cost thereby adding more value for the customer. Prerequisites: BUS 1100, BUS 2203 & BUS 2213. Fulfills X in LS Core.


COM2401 Introduction to Mass Communication - 4 cr.
This course focuses on the basic principles of mass communication and its historical development. Issues explored include media access, media ethics, media effects, and current trends in the growth of digital and wireless mass communication technologies. Students examine the role of the media industry in reinforcing and challenging dominant values, attitudes, and beliefs central to American culture. An additional feature of the course studies how mass media-created ideals have been disseminated internationally, as well as how media businesses reflect, influence and sometimes defy societal norms. Students will also have the opportunity to develop their own independent mass media project. No prerequisite. Satisfies a Social Science distribution requirement. Fulfills a SOSC requirement in LS Core.


COM2701C-A Organizational Communication - 4 cr.

This course focuses on how organizations serve as an entity for members of a society to achieve their collective goals-from making laws and building bridges to the local and international trade of goods and services. Organizational communication is the study of how persons accomplish these goals via the ongoing, mutual exchange of verbal and nonverbal messages. This course provides students with a firm grounding in organizational communication theory, while at the same time highlighting the very practical nature of this endeavor by (1) applying various theoretical perspectives to organizational settings and situations; (2) identifying communication problems in a variety of organizational contexts; and (3) utilizing current scholarly research and theory to further our understanding of organizational phenomena. No prerequisite. Satisfies a Social Science distribution requirement. Fulfills a SOSC requirement in LS Core.



HSC2300 Introduction to Nutritional Sciences - 4 cr.
Nutrition, Diet and Health will introduce the student to the science of nutrition. The fundamentals of protein, carbohydrate, fat, vitamin, and mineral requirements and metabolism will be explained as a basis for the study of the relationship between diet and health in both a personal and global perspective. The impact that human nutrition and industrial agriculture have on environmental quality, food resources and energy consumption will be explored. Nutrition, Diet and Health has a mandatory civic engagement component related to important public and environmental issues in human nutrition, health, and fitness that are considered in the course. Satisfies a Mathematics/Science distribution requirement. Fulfills STEM in LA Core.


PSY2200 Social Psychology - 4 cr.
Emphasizes the centrality of social context in our psychological processes. Explores how people think about, influence and relate to each other. Prerequisite: PSY 1000. Satisfies a Social Science distribution requirement. Fulfills a SOSC requirement in LS Core.


SOC 2000 Social Inequality - Class, Gender, and Race- 4 cr.
This course examines the most important bases of inequality in contemporary society: social class, race/ethnicity, and gender. These categories determine the distribution of social resources, shape people’s experiences, and influence interactions with others, often in ways that we cannot immediately recognize. A more complete understanding of the issues related to these categories will give you greater insight into some of the most significant contemporary social problems. Prerequisite: SOC 1000 or consent of the instructor. Fulfills SOSC and D requirements in LS Core.


WGS3300 U.S. Women’s History - 4 cr.
An examination of the history of women in America. It will include history prior to colonization, beyond and to the present. A look at women’s roles in US Society and the intersection of class, culture and ethnicity in shaping women’s historical experiences across time. The course will examine the transformations and continuities in women’s lives as well as the political, social, economic and cultural factors that inspired, infused or inhibited women’s changing roles. This class also explores the ways in which race, class and ethnicity have operated to unite and divide disparate groups of women. Satisfies a Humanities distribution requirement. Fulfills H and D in LS Core.


BUS4402W Strategic Analysis and Decision Making - 4 cr.
BUS 4402 is a capstone course that exposes students to issues that concern the firm as a whole. Through the use of “real-world” case studies and sophisticated practitioner journal articles, students will be called upon to grapple with such strategic issues as sizing up an organization’s standing in the marketplace, differentiating between winning and mediocre strategies, and spotting ways to improve a company’s strategy execution. In this course student teams will meet with the teaching team one hour per week to discuss their analysis of the assigned readings and cases. Prerequisite: BUS 1100 and all required BUS2xxx courses. Fulfills X and Writing Intensive in LS Core.


MTH1003 Introductory Mathematics for Business - 4 cr.
A one-semester course designed to develop algebraic and quantitative problem-solving skills. Students will use algebraic, exponential and logarithmic functions as well as matrices and fundamental concepts of probability to solve applied problems selected primarily from the field of business. This course is not open to students who have credit for any math course numbered MTH 1115 or higher. Fulfills Q in LS Core.


MGT3355 Diversity in the Workplace -4 cr.
This course, which may include a service e learning component, explores the workplace dynamics related to people’s similarities and differences in characteristics such as race, ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, and physical and mental ability. Topics include perception and attribution, the social construction of identity, privilege, power relations, discrimination, prejudice, stereotypes, and approaches businesses and other organizations take to address issues of workplace diversity. Prerequisite: BUS 1100 and at least Sophomore standing. Fulfills D in LS Core.


PHL2090 Values in a Technological Culture - 4 cr.
A critical examination of the way in which technological innovation has shaped our modern culture. Students will study major ethical traditions, pursue individual research projects on particular areas of technology, suggest solutions to ethical problems that arise there, and report their conclusions. Prerequisite: PHL 1000. Satisfies a second institutional requirement in Philosophy if needed or a humanities distribution requirement. Fulfills E in LS Core.


PSY 3410 Abnormal Psychology (formerly Adult Psychopathology) - 4 cr.
Examination of basic issues in psychopathology. Focus on description, etiology and treatment of neurosis, character disorder, and psychosis from varying theoretical and clinical perspectives. Prerequisite: PSY 1000. Satisfies a Social Science distribution requirement. Fulfills a SOSC requirement in LS Core.


RTS2400 Sex, Politics, Religion, and St. Augustine - 4 cr.
This course explores how the social, political and religious environment of 4th and 5th century North Africa influenced the development of Christianity. The life and thought of Augustine of Hippo shows how contemporary Catholic and Protestant teachings on human sexuality, political systems, sin, God and religion can be traced back to early Christian centuries. Satisfies the second institutional requirement in religious and theological studies. Fulfills H in LS Core.


SOC 3100 Research Methods- 4 cr.
An introduction to the research methods employed in sociology. The course examines the nature of science, causality, research ethics, and how to conduct a literature review. Students will gain hands-on experience with the most important methods of data collection, sampling, variable measurement, and analysis. Upon completion of this course students will produce an original piece of sociological research. Prerequisite: SOC 1000 or consent of the instructor. Fulfills a SOSC requirement in LS Core.


WRT 2101(W) Introduction to Public and Professional Writing - 4 cr.
This course examines written communication for public and professional audiences in the 21st century. Focus on theories of composition, as well as genres (e.g., reports, reviews, proposals), vehicles (e.g., traditional written forms, multimedia presentations), and venues (e.g., magazines, internal organizational publication, electronic dissemination). Satisfies a Humanities distribution requirement or the institutional Writing Intensive requirement. Fulfills W in LS Core.