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Campus Audit

The 2008 Merrimack College Environmental Audit is now available for download.  Simply click here.

The overall goals of the campus audit  project were four-fold:

  1. To introduce students to the tools of investigation and the process of quantification of resource use and sustainability using the Merrimack Campus as a study site
  2. To analyze various resource use patterns and levels of resource use on the Campus from 2000 to 2007
  3. To establish a baseline to assess ongoing and future sustainability projects To identify and catalog existing efforts to make the College a more sustainable institution

To accomplish these four objectives, we analyzed resource use and the campuses environmental impact through a series of environmental or sustainability lenses.  Merrimack College needed to conduct an audit, in order to judge how we are using our resources and if we can use them more efficiently. The audit results will also give us the opportunity to evaluate ourselves in comparison with other schools in the area that have conducted similar audits. 

The campus environmental audit is a common tool that many colleges and universities have employed in recent years. A campus environmental audit is both a summary and a report card for a campus and a way to evaluate where and how resources are being used. An environmental audit is also the first step in being able to quantify whether or not current and/or future environmental efforts are actually making a difference. As such, an environmental audit is the beginning of the sustainability planning process.   The results can be used to quantify what kinds of impacts the campus community has on the environment and what steps the college can take to reduce these impacts.

  It is hoped that the results presented in this audit will serve as a guide for educating people on the current practices and resource use at Merrimack College as well as spawn innovation and new initiatives.