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School of Science & Engineering

Biochemistry and Chemistry Majors

The department of chemistry and biochemistry offers bachelor of science degrees in chemistry and biochemistry as well as a bachelor of arts in biochemistry.

The curriculum provides a thorough understanding of chemical principles, both theoretical and practical. A strong emphasis is placed on laboratory work and excellent chemical instrumentation facilities are available for student use.

Graduates are prepared either to enter directly into the many areas of the chemical industry, or to pursue advanced studies in chemistry, biochemistry, chemical engineering, medicine, dentistry or veterinary science. All students have the option of conducting independent research and/or summer research, and participating in internships and co-op opportunities.

Students, upon completion of a specific course of study, may also have their bachelor of science degree certified by the American Chemical Society. The chemistry and biochemistry bachelor’s degree programs require a minimum of 124 credits. As part of the overall 124-credit minimum, students must also meet their major’s individual credit requirements.

Do You Know?

The American Chemical Society Committee on Professional Training has approved the programs offered by the department of chemistry and biochemistry at Merrimack College.