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Civil Engineering

Academic Advising Guidelines

Advising Guidelines

Near the end of each semester, during advising week, you should work with your advisor to figure out what courses you should be taking for the upcoming semester and beyond.  Also, visit our website to download our “Curriculum Helper” spreadsheets.  If you have questions regarding study abroad, co-op and internships or career-related information (or any other little thing you may have on your mind) please see your faculty advisor – anytime!


 1.      Using the course checklist, your personal history (from MyMack) and the course schedule for the upcoming semester, plan out the list of courses for which you’d like to register (considering using the “curriculum helper” on our website).

 2.      Go over your list with your advisor.  Bring everything that you’ve done and work out a plan for the coming semester with her help.

 3.      Someone from the Department will review this with your advisor (to find your faculty advisor, see MyMack ) and clear you for registration).

 4.      Register on MyMack.

Advisors are your point of first contact for all questions or issues related to your college experience (advising, paperwork, other requirements, etc.)

Faculty advisor:  Drs. Kuszmaul, Kaklamanos, Veletzos and Carlson.  We will assign you to one of these permanent advisors based upon your academic interests in your sophomore year.

Your faculty advisor reviews your planned coursework each semester prior to being clearing you for registration.  He/she will maintain active connections with you and is available to provide guidance on academic and professional options available to you – such as discussing co-op opportunities, study abroad, which elective courses would best support your professional goals, job placement, professional development, etc.

Use your advisor as a valuable resource!