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Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering Course Requirements

Five courses in Mathematics:
MTH 1217(Q) Calculus I     
MTH 1218(Q) Calculus II 
MTH 2219  Calculus III 
MTH 2220  Differential Equations 
MTH 1505(Q) Applied Statistics

Four courses in the Basic Sciences: 
PHY 2211(Q) Physics I 
PHY 2212(Q) Physics II 
CHM 1110 General Chemistry 
Science Elective (not Physics or Chemistry)

One course in Engineering Communications: 
CEN 1001W Introduction to Engineering

Four courses in Engineering Science: 
GEN 2010 Mechanics I 
GEN 2012 Mechanics II 
GEN 3040 Fluid Mechanics 
PHY 2213 Thermodynamics

Seven courses in Civil Engineering core: 
CEN 2001 Site Engineering 
CEN 3010 Structural Analysis 
CEN 3020 Geotechnical Engineering 
CEN 3030 Transportation Engineering 
CEN 3050 Environmental Engineering 
CEN 3090 Professionalism and Ethics 
CEN 4901(X) Design Project

Depth Electives: 
 A minimum of 14 credit hours of depth electives as shown below.  At least one course must be selected from each of the four lists shown and at least two courses, overall, must be selected from the asterisked courses.

Structural Engineering (Depth Electives) 
CEN 5012 Steel Analysis & Design* 
CEN 5016 Concrete Analysis & Design*

Geotechnical Engineering (Depth Electives) 
CEN 5020 Foundation Engineering *
CEN 5022 Earth Slopes and Retaining Structures

Environmental Engineering (Depth Electives) 
CEN 5030 Environmental Design* 
CEN 5032 Applied Hydrology 

Transportation (Depth Electives) 
CEN 5042 Traffic Engineering 
CEN 5040 Geometric Design* 
CEN 5044 Trans Planning & System Analysis

Technical Electives:
 A minimum of four credit hours, at the advanced level, in a technical area that supports/or expands the student’s interest in engineering.  The choice of course must be approved by the student’s advisor.

Examples of Technical Elective
CEN 5050 Construction Planning & Management
MTH 4623 Applied Analysis (leads to Math Minor)

CEN 4900 Senior Seminar

Student must register for and take the Fundamentals of Engineering, examination, administered by the National Council of Engineering Examiners, in order to graduate.  Limited course substitutions are permitted students having sound educational plans which, in the judgment of the department, justify the substitutions.


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