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Mechanical Engineering

Major Requirements

In addition to having satisfied the institutional and distribution requirements, students who seek a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering degree must further have completed the following major and cognate courses or their equivalents:

A. Five courses in mathematics:
MTH 1217 Calculus I
MTH 1218 Calculus II
MTH1505* Applied Statistics
MTH 2219 Calculus III
MTH 2220 Differential Equations
*MTH 2527 may be substituted for MTH 1505

B. Four courses in the basic sciences:
PHY 2211 Physics I
PHY 2212 Physics II MEN 3030 Thermodynamics I
CHM 1110 General Chemistry 

C. One course in computation from the list below:
CSC 1610 Computer Science
MEN 2050 Engineering Computation and CAD

D. One course in engineering communications:
GEN 1001(W) Introduction to Engineering

E. Four courses in engineering science:
GEN 2010 Mechanics I
GEN 2012 Mechanics II
GEN 3040 Fluid Mechanics
MEN 3032 Thermodynamics II

F. Nine courses in the mechanical engineering core:
MEN 3010 Machine Design
MEN 3014 Dynamics/Vibrations
MEN 3020 Materials Science
MEN 3034 Heat and Mass Transfer
MEN 3090 Professionalism and Ethics
MEN 5010 Advanced Mechanics/FEM
MEN 5030 Energy Systems
MEN 4910 Design Project I
MEN 4920 Design Project II

G. Depth Electives:A minimum of eight credit hours of depth electives as shown below. Depth electives are 4000 or 5000 level mechanical engineering courses beyond those requires in the major. Department approved civil engineering courses may be counted as Depth Electives. See your advisor for a list of approved courses.These include:

MEN 5012 Instrumentation/Robotics
MEN 5040 Advanced Fluid Mechanics
MEN 4810 Finite Element Analysis
MEN 5050 Processing and Manufacturing
MEN 5060 Advanced Materials

H. Technical Elective:A minimum of 4 credit hours in area which supports and/or expands the student’s technical and/or communication skills. The choice of course must be approved by the student’s advisor.

I. Senior Seminar:
MEN 4900 Senior Seminar

J. Fundamentals of Engineering Exam: Students must register for and take the Fundamentals of Engineering examination, administered by the National Council of Engineering Examiners, in order to graduate.

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