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Undergraduate Admission

Meet the Student Ambassadors


Courtney Alsdorf ‘16
Hometown: Princeton, MA
Major: Human Development
Minor: Sociology
Activities: Relay for Life
Best Experience: I’ve loved making so many new friends and getting to know my fellow Merrimack students.  

Alexis Altman ‘15
Hometown: South Natick, MA
Major: Psychology
Minors: Interpersonal Communications, Women’s and Gender Studies
Activities: Resident Advisor, Orientation Leader, Merrimack Programming Board, Live to Give
Favorite Campus Event: I can’t narrow it down to one event.  There is always so much going on.  I really enjoy going to athletic games and cheering on my fellow Warriors who are my classmates, residents, fellow club members, coworkers, or friends..

Gabby Angelini ‘14
Hometown: Leominster, MA
Major: Biology, Chemistry
Activities: Honors Program, Live to Give, Orientation Leader, Center for Biotechnology and Biomedical Sciences Undergraduate Fellow, Omicron Delta Kappa Honors Society  
Why did you choose Merrimack? I chose Merrimack because of the amazing sense of community in all aspects of the college. Everyone was so welcoming and went out of their way to help me and make me feel comfortable.  Merrimack is my home away from home.  

Kelianna Bonn ‘15
Hometown: East Haven, CT
Major: Human Development
Concentration: Moderate Disabilities 
Activities: Dance Team
Best Experience: My best experience was making the Dance Team when I was a freshman.  It was, and continues to be, such an exciting and rewarding experience.

Michael Bryant ‘14
Hometown: Marlboro, MA
Major: Information Technology
Activities: Ultimate Warriors, Campus Catalyst, Intramural Sports, Relay for LIfe
Favorite Campus Event: Trip to Maine for 2012 Hockey East playoffs.  Students received tickets to all three games, transportation to and from Maine, and two nights in a hotel for only $20!  Over 200 students made the trip to support the Warriors!

Brianna Burk ‘15
Hometown: Peabody, MA
Major: Political Science, Interpersonal Communication  
Activities: Orientation Leader, Class Secretary, MORE community, Relay for Life Committee
Favorite Campus Event: Midnight Madness!  

Erika Campbell ‘16
Hometown: Pelham, NH
Major: Sports Medicine
Activities: Intramural Soccer and Broomball
Favorite Campus Event: I love intramural sports!  They are a great way to make friends and stay active!  

Sarah Connelly ‘15
Hometown: Braintree, MA 
Major: Human Development
Concentrations: Elementary Education and Moderate Disabilities 
Activities: Student Government, Merrimack Programming Board (MPB), Theta Phi Alpha, Education Club, Orientation Team, Service Learning 
Why did you choose Merrimack? I chose Merrimack because everyone was so welcoming and it was a perfect fit!

Allison Cote ‘15
Hometown: Chelmsford, MA
Major: Human Development
Concentration: Elementary Education
Activities: Varsity Volleyball
Favorite Campus Event: Relay for Life. It’s a great example of how the Merrimack community can come together for a great cause.  

Kate Culverhouse ‘16
Hometown: Three Rivers, MA 
Major: Human Development
Concentration: Elementary Education and Moderate Disabilities
Activities: Honors Program, Honors Student Council, Education Club 
Why did you choose Merrimack?  The people on this campus are just incredible.  Choosing Merrimack was easily the best decision I’ve ever made and I can’t imagine spending the next few years anywhere else.  

Hannah Doelling ‘16
Hometown: Walpole, MA
Year: 2016
Major:   Health Science
Concentration: Nutrition
Activities: Honors Program, Honors Student Council, Merrimaction
Why did you choose Merrimack? I really love how Merrimack is one big family.  Everyone really cares about you and wants you to succeed.

Jason Drab ‘15
Hometown: Billerica, MA
Major: Organizational Communication
Activities: Orientation Coordinator, Augie’s Pub Chair for Merrimack Programming Board.
Best Memory: My best memory was the concert last year. Girl Talk was a lot of fun and I met a lot of new people!

Nicole Engrem ‘14
Hometown: Wilmington, MA
Major: Psychology
Activities: Merrimack Programming Board (MPB), Relay for Life
Favorite Campus Event: Spring Weekend. This is when you get to spend an entire weekend with the whole campus, taking part in events and activities set up specifically for students.  It’s one of the many events I look forward to every year!
Why did you choose Merrimack? I transferred to Merrimack in  the Fall of 2011.  I chose to come here because every time I visited, I fell more in love with the campus. I was never completely happy with my previous school, but at Merrimack, I found my second home and family.  

Michelle Galindo ‘16
Hometown: East Lyme, CT
Major: Civil Engineering
Activities: Best Buddies, Service Learning 
Favorite Campus Event: I love Midnight Madness.   It’s an event where all students get together to kick off the winter sports season and show our Warrior pride!

Katie Ganser ‘13
Hometown: Needham, MA
Major: Biology, Psychology
Activities: Womens Basketball, Best Buddies, Campus Ministry Council, Alternative Spring Break Leader
Best Experience: My best experience was Alternative Spring Break my Junior year.  We went to Nassawadox, VA and served an impoverished community while living simply.  It was so much fun and helped teach us to appreciate all the little things we have.  

Julie Gormley ‘14
Hometown: Lowell, MA
Major: Sports Medicine
Concentration: Physical Therapy
Activities: Intramural Sports, Campus Ministry Council, Orientation Leader
Favorite Campus Event: I love participating in intramural sports.  It’s a great way to stay in shape.

Bethany LaSella ‘16
Hometown: MIlford, CT
Major: Athletic Training
Activities: Intramural Soccer 
Why did you choose Merrimack? I chose Merrimack because I wanted to go to a smaller school that was close to home.  I loved the campus and it had a great Athletic Training program!

Marina Maylor ‘16
Hometown: Lynnfield, MA
Major: Sports Management
Minor:  Mass Communication
Activities: Chapel Ensemble, Intramural sports, Manager of the Women’s basketball team
Favorite Campus Event: Mack Gives Back is my favorite campus event.  Over 200 students gathered for the community service event this Fall.  It was a great event that showed out Augustinian values and care for the community at large.

Lauren McCarthy ‘16
Hometown: Chelmsford, MA
Major: Elementary Education
Activities: Honors Program, Honors Student Council, Education Club, Live to Give
Favorite Campus Event: Cram Jam.  This event is held every year during finals week. Students can grab breakfast at Midnight, play games, and hang out with their friends to take a break from studying!

Michael McGee ‘15
Hometown: Westford, MA
Major: Finance and Marketing
Activities: Relay for Life, Campus Ministry, Varsity Cross Country, Varsity Track and Field
Favorite Campus Event: Spring Weekend. There are so many fun activities to participate in with your friend and you get to meet a lot of new people!
Why did you choose Merrimack: I chose Merrimack because of the sense of community and excellent academic reputation. I can’t imagine myself anywhere else!

Cassaundra McGuire ‘16
Hometown: Ipswich, MA
Major: Human Development, Early Childhood Education
Activities: Honors Program
Why did you choose Merrimack? I chose Merrimack because it was close to home, but far enough away to gain my independence.  

Nancy Moz ‘15
Hometown: Cambridge, MA
Major: Biochemistry
Minor: Spanish
Activities: Pre-Med Club
Favorite Campus Event: Any event put on by the Merrimack Programming Board.
Why did you choose Merrimack? I chose Merrimack because I loved the campus environment.  Student success is the faculty and staff’s main priority.  

Tamara O’Donnell ‘13
Hometown: North Billerica, MA
Major: Sports Management
Minor: French
Activities: Crew, Sports Management Club, Orientation, Sigma Iota Epsilon (Business Honors Society), Alpha Sigma Tau, Panhellenic Council/Greek Council, Order of Omega, Pi Delta Phi (French Honors Society)
Why did you choose Merrimack? Being a transfer student, I knew exactly what I wanted out of a school the second time around. When I stepped on the Merrimack campus, I could tell it was where I wanted to be!  There are opportunities for everyone.

Marissa Osgood ‘14
Hometown: Salem, MA
Major: Early Childhood Education, Interpersonal Communication
Activities: Co-leader of Education Club, Lambda Pi Eta (Communications Honor Society)
Favorite Campus Event: Relay for Life.  It’s an event where different groups and organizations come together for a fun night that helps a great cause.

Devin Parker ‘16
Hometown: Plympton, MA
Major: Psychology
Minor: Moderate Disabilities
Activities: Live to Give, Dance Club
Favorite Campus Event: I love going to the hockey games.  The whole school comes together to cheer on the Warriors!
Why did you choose Merrimack? I chose Merrimack because it felt like a second home to me the moment I walked on campus.  

Kayley Powers ‘16
Hometown: Reading, MA
Major: Mathematics
Activities: Merrimack Programming Board, Merrimaction, Campus Ministry.  
Best Experience: My best experience so far was Alternative Winter Break.  Giving back and getting to meet other students on campus was an amazing experience I won’t soon forget!

Evan Rodriguez ‘16
Hometown: Hawthorne, CA
Major: Athletic Training
Activities: Sports Medicine Club
Why did you choose Merrimack? I chose Merrimack because of the excellent academics and strong sense of community.  

Julie Shatz ‘16
Hometown: Warwick, RI
Major: Psychology
Best Experience: I’ve loved making so many new friends.  We have become so close in such a short period of time.  

Erin Shellene ‘15
Hometown: Kennebunkport, ME
Major: Athletic Training
Activities: Student Government, Resident Advisor, Eucharistic Minister, MORE Team
Favorite Campus Event: I look forward to Cram Jam every year!

Michael Stehnach ‘16
Hometown: Little Falls, NY
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Activities: Club Baseball, Intramural Sports
Favorite Campus Event: Big Prize Bingo, Cram Jam, and Hockey games!

Emily Thomas ‘16
Bridgewater, MA
Chemistry, Secondary Education
 Honors Program, Live to Give, Best Buddies, Merrimaction
Favorite Campus Event: I love going to the hockey games. They bring the entire campus community together.  
Why did you choose Merrimack:  I felt that Merrimack was more than just a school; it was a community that was ready and willing to help me succeed in all aspects of college.

Christopher Tiberi ‘16
Hometown: Cochranville, PA
Major: Economics, Accounting
Activities: Campus Ministry, Intramural Sports, Merrimaction
Favorite Campus Event: My favorite campus event is Homecoming Weekend.  It brings Merrimack Warriors, both old and new, together.  

Nathaniel Vilandre ‘16
Hometown: Shrewsbury, MA  
Major: Theatre, Secondary Education
Activities: The OnStagers, Honors Program, Campus Ministry, Intramural Sports
Why did you choose Merrimack? I chose Merrimack because I felt at home.  The combination of people, activities, and opportunities made me realize that this is where I belong.   

Kevin Welch ‘14
Hometown: Revere, MA
Major: English, Theater
Activites: Resident Assistant, The OnStagers
Best Experience: Being a member of the different theater groups on campus has exposed me to the most amazing people and has made me a better performer and person.

Caisie Wynot ‘16
Hometown: Braintree, MA
Major: Environmental Studies
Minor: Biology
Activities: Varsity Cross Country, Varsity Track 
Best Experience: I love hanging out with my teammates.  They have become my second family.  Whether it’s hanging out after practice, or a weekend pasta party, we always have a great time!

Alyssa Zahoruiko ‘16
Hometown: North Andover, MA
Major: Education, English
Activities: Service Learning
Why did you choose Merrimack? I chose Merrimack because I could see myself being part of a community that is excited to educate new students and really encourages them to get involved and shape their future.