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Student Involvement

Student Government Association

The students of Merrimack College, in hope of protecting and ensuring the rights of all students and the Merrimack College community, have established The Student Government Association of Merrimack College, referred to as the SGA.  

The purpose of the SGA is to act as the voice of and to the students of Merrimack College.  The SGA recognizes its social responsibility to the Merrimack College community and will continuously strive for the improvement of the quality of life.  To that regard, the SGA will help to initiate and support any efforts or causes that the students of the school wish to establish.  The SGA will also act as a liaison to the Merrimack College faculty and administration in order to foster open lines of communication and help to shape school policy.

 To contact the Student Government Association email

The SGA meets Tuesdays at 5 p.m. *

Student Government Association Executive Board

President: Anthony Preston ’16
Vice President: Mackenzie Goebel ’16
Treasurer: Kate Mermelstein ’16
Secretary: Lauren Folino ’16
Member at Large: Shane Pacheco ’16

Student Government Association Committees
Kendra Van Pelt ’18 (Chair)  Shane Pacheco ’16 Jacob Howes ’19 Brian O’Connor ’17 
Academic Affairs
Katey Johnson ’16 (Chair) Hannah Walsh ’17 Desmonde Bellanti ’17  
Kate Mermelstein ’16 (Chair) Patrick Riley ’19 Devin Clemons ’19  
Molly Glasheen ’16 (Chair) Amanda Alcox ’19 Kassidy Fleming ’19 Kenney Tran ’19
Student Engagement
Kate Culverhouse ’16 (Chair) Rosanna Inirio ’18 Andrew McBride ’18  Caroline Bradley ’19
Residence Life
Nick DeFilippis ’17 (Chair) Olivia Dempster International Rep  Madison Murphy ’16 Wayne Huston ’17
Student Organizations
Mackenzie Goebel ’16 (Chair) Andrea Ahearn ’18 Ryan Jenness ’17 D’Andre Noncent ’19


*All students are welcome to attend the SGA meetings.