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Important Numbers

  • Main Number (Auto-Attendant): 978-837-5000
  • College Switchboard: 978-683-7111
  • Main Fax Number: 978-837-5222
Public Safety Emergency
  • Police Department, Main Number: 978-837-5555
  • Police Department, Cell Number (in case of phone outage): 978-687-5308
Weather Emergency
  • School Closing Hotline: 978-837-5700
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Offices & Staff Members

To reach a Merrimack employee, you may dial their extension directly via (978) 837-XXXX.

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NameContact InfoTitle
Dept/Office & Building
Baumgarten, Carolx5441
E-mail: baumgartenc
Nurse Practitioner
Hamel Health & Counseling
Room 1st, Hamel Health Center
Bazin, RosemarieE-mail: bazinr
Sodexo Office Staff
Room 1st, Sakowich Campus Center
Beauchemin, Casiex5341
E-mail: beaucheminc
Athletic Communications Intern
Athletic Department
Room VOL, Volpe Complex
Beauchesne, Michaelx5555
E-mail: beauchesnem
Campus Police Officer
Police Department
Room BMT, Monican Centre
Beauparlant, Abigailx5021
E-mail: beauparlana
Dir., Annual Giving - Marketing & Participation
Development and Alumni Relations
Room 204, 510 Turnpike Street
Becerra, Chaimx5464
E-mail: becerrac
Adjunct Lecturer
Electrical and Computer Engineering Department
Room 102, Mendel
Becker, Maureenx5135
E-mail: beckerm
Accounts Payable
Room 101, Austin Hall
Beckstein, BrendenE-mail: becksteinb
Adjunct Lecturer
Management Department
Crowe Hall
Beerel, Annabelx5166
E-mail: beerela
Adjunct Faculty
Management Department
Room 107, Crowe Hall
Bell, Robertx5945
E-mail: bellro
Adjunct Lecturer
Political Science Department
Room 306A, Cushing Hall
Bell, Valeriex5768
E-mail: bellv
Assistant Professor
Management Department
Room 341, Crowe Hall
Bell-Flanagan, Carlenex5351
E-mail: bellflanagac
Academic Accommodation Assistant
Academic Success Center
Room 342, McQuade Library
Bellamy, JeremyE-mail: bellamyj
Assistant Football Coach
Athletic Department
Volpe Complex
Benedict, Brandyx3461
E-mail: benedictb
Associate Professor
Mathematics Department
Room 255, Mendel
Benes, Sarahx5610
E-mail: beness
Graduate Fellowship Manager & Lecturer
Health Sciences Department
Room 424, O'Reilly Hall
Benevenia, Nicolex5453
E-mail: benevenian
Campus Minister for Service Opportunities
Campus Ministry
Room 352, Sakowich Campus Center
Bent, Laurenx5452
E-mail: gannonl
Education Department
Room 226, Austin Hall
Berkeley, Brianx5461
E-mail: berkeleyb
Director of Employee Relations
O'Brien Center for Student Success
Room 2nd, Sakowich Campus Center
Berkes, Charlottex5281
E-mail: berkesc
Associate Professor
Biology Department
Room 352, Mendel
Berube, Andrewx5735
E-mail: berubea
Adjunct Lecturer
Health Sciences Department
Room 208, O'Reilly Hall
Bharath, Leenax5735
E-mail: bharathl
Adjunct Lecturer
Health Sciences Department
Room 208, O'Reilly Hall
Biagiotti, RichardE-mail: biagiottir
Adjunct Lecturer
Accounting & Finance Department
Crowe Hall
Bianchini, Vickix5114
E-mail: bianchiniv
Executive Assistant
Academic Affairs/Provost
Room 1st, Austin Hall
Bilev, Gavrilx5254
E-mail: bilevg
Assistant Professor
Political Science Department
Room 16B, Cushing Hall
Billings, Colleenx3414
E-mail: billingsc
Adjunct Professor
Graduate Education Department
Room 3rd, Austin Hall
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