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Important Numbers

  • Main Number (Auto-Attendant): (978) 837-5000
  • College Switchboard: (978) 683-7111
  • Main Fax Number: (978) 837-5222
  • Police Services: (978) 837-5555
  • Police Services Cell (in case of phone outage): (978) 687-5308
  • Weather Emergency School Closing Hotline: (978) 837-5700
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Offices & Staff Members

To reach a Merrimack employee, you may dial their extension directly via (978) 837-XXXX.

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NameContact InfoTitle
Dept/Office & Building
Hinton, Hughx5495
E-mail: hintonh
Coordinator of Campus Music Activities
Mission & Student Affairs
Room 355, Sakowich Campus Center
Hitchcock, Matthewx3414
E-mail: hitchcockm
Director of Undergraduate Student Support
Graduate Education Department
Room 3rd, Austin Hall
Holland, Paulax5175
E-mail: hollandp
Office Manager
Campus Life
Room 370, Sakowich Campus Center
Hollander, Katherinex5471
E-mail: hollanderk
Adjunct Lecturer
History Department
Room 304, Sullivan Hall
Holliday, Michellex5731
E-mail: hollidaym
Sociology Department
Room 303E, Sullivan Hall
Hollis, Keithx5356
E-mail: hollisk
Director of Campus Ministry
Campus Ministry
Room 353, Sakowich Campus Center
Holohan, Nadinex5341
E-mail: holohann
Cheerleading Coach
Athletic Department
Room VOL, Volpe Complex
Holter, Kurtx3557
E-mail: holterk
General Building Maintenance
Room PP, Physical Plant
Hopey, Christopherx5111
E-mail: hopeyc
President's Office
Room 129, Austin Hall
Hopkins, Birgidx5332
E-mail: hopkinsb
Sports Medicine
Room 154, Volpe Complex
Hopping, Barryx5452
E-mail: hoppingb
Adjunct Lecturer
Education Department
Room 230A, Austin Hall
Horr, Rebeccax3563
E-mail: horrr
Adjunct Faculty
Graduate & Professional Studies, Office of
Room 1st, 485 Andover Street
Howland, Jamesx5441
E-mail: howlandj
Staff Counselor
Hamel Health & Counseling
Room 1st, Hamel Health Center
Howson, Patriciax5521
E-mail: howsonp
Professor of Practice
Graduate Education Department
Room 203A, Austin Hall
Hsu, Laurax3583
E-mail: hsul
Assistant Professor
Education Department
Room 216, Austin Hall
Hubbell, Arlynx3563
E-mail: hubbella
Adjunct Lecturer
Graduate & Professional Studies, Office of
Room 1st, 485 Andover Street
Hudak, Richardx5576
E-mail: hudakr
Adjunct Lecturer
Sociology Department
Room 303, Sullivan Hall
Hughes, Edwardx3584
E-mail: hughese
Facilities Manager
Room 1st, Sakowich Campus Center
Hunt, Johnx5023
E-mail: huntjf
Adjunct Lecturer
Health Sciences Department
Room VOL, Volpe Complex
Hutton-Fay, Kristinx3563
E-mail: huttonfayk
Adjunct Lecturer
Education Department
Room 1st, Austin Hall
Huyser, Pamx5728
E-mail: huyserp
Student Success Manager
International Student Group
Room Bsmt, Ash Centre
Huyser, Pamelax5728
E-mail: huyserpa
Adjunct Lecturer
Communication Arts & Sciences
Room BSMT, Ash Centre
Hyder, Karenx5291
E-mail: hyderk
Sodexo General Manager
Room 1st, Sakowich Campus Center
Hyland, Johnx3563
E-mail: hylandj
Adjunct Lecturer
Graduate & Professional Studies, Office of
Room 1st, 485 Andover Street
Hyman, Michaelx4103
E-mail: hymanm
Assistant Professor
Accounting & Finance Department
Room 428, O'Reilly Hall
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Merrimack College
315 Turnpike Street,
North Andover, MA. 01845

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