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Important Numbers

  • Main Number (Auto-Attendant): 978-837-5000
  • College Switchboard: 978-683-7111
  • Main Fax Number: 978-837-5222
Public Safety Emergency
  • Police Department, Main Number: 978-837-5555
  • Police Department, Cell Number (in case of phone outage): 978-687-5308
Weather Emergency
  • School Closing Hotline: 978-837-5700
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Offices & Staff Members

To reach a Merrimack employee, you may dial their extension directly via (978) 837-XXXX.

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NameContact InfoTitle
Dept/Office & Building
Tankersley, Lindax5166
E-mail: tankersleyl
Administrative Assistant
Religious & Theological Studies
Room 107, Cushing Hall
Tannebaum, Roryx5463
E-mail: tannebaumr
Assistant Professor
Education Department
Room 230, Austin Hall
Tardif, Sarahx3531
E-mail: tardifs
Adjunct Lecturer
Communication Arts & Sciences
Room 205, Cushing Hall
Tarpy, Christinax5481
E-mail: tarpyc
Faculty Support Coordinator
Dean of Faculty/Girard School of Business
Room 332, Crowe Hall
Tavares, Kathleenx5441
E-mail: tavaresk
Practice Manager
Hamel Health & Counseling
Room 1st, Hamel Health Center
Taveras, Juniorx5144
Room PP, Physical Plant
Taveras, Lourdesx5144
E-mail: taverasl
Custodian (Night)
Room PP, Physical Plant
Taveras, YirdhaniaSodexo Worker
Sakowich Campus Center
Taylor, Louisex4215
E-mail: taylorl
Library Assistant
McQuade Library
Room HELP, McQuade Library
Teng, Heidix5284
E-mail: tengh
Adjunct Lecturer
Chemistry Department
Room 304, Mendel
Termini, JoniE-mail: terminij
Switchboard Operator
Room 2nd, McQuade Library
Tessier, Marcx3534
E-mail: tessierm
Senior Systems Engineer
Information Technology Services
Room 203, McQuade Library
Testa, Sharonx5390
E-mail: testas
Instructional Technologist
Dean of Faculty/Girard School of Business
Room 321, Crowe Hall
Theberge, Henryx3563
E-mail: thebergeh
Adjunct Lecturer
Graduate & Professional Studies, Office of
Room 1st, 485 Andover Street
Theberge, Stephenx5289
E-mail: theberges
Associate Professor
Chemistry Department
Room 324, Mendel
Therrien, Douglasx3402
E-mail: therriend
Laboratory Manager/Technician
Civil Engineering Department
Room 142B, Mendel
Thibodeau, Laurax5447
E-mail: thibodeaul
Assistant Director of Career Advising
O'Brien Center for Student Success
Room 2nd, Sakowich Campus Center
Thibodeau, Troyx5341
E-mail: thibodeaut
Video Coordinator, Men's Hockey
Athletic Department
Room VOL, Volpe Complex
Thiruvengadathan, Sujathax4323
E-mail: thiruvengads
Mathematics Department
Room 426, O'Reilly Hall
Thomas, Yirenx5284
E-mail: thomasy
Adjunct Lecturer
Chemistry Department
Room 304, Mendel
Thrope, DavidE-mail: throped
Adjunct Lecturer
Marketing Department
Crowe Hall
Tiffe, Raechelx5760
E-mail: tiffer
Adjunct Lecturer
Graduate & Professional Studies, Office of
Room 308, 485 Andover Street
Tingle, Walterx5711
E-mail: tinglew
Mechanical Engineering Department
Room 153, Mendel
Tirone, Josephx6976
E-mail: tironej
World Languages and Cultures
Room 202F, Sullivan Hall
Tishler Mindlin, LaurenE-mail: tishlermindl
Adjunct Lecturer
Education Department
Austin Hall
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