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Important Numbers

  • Main Number (Auto-Attendant): 978-837-5000
  • College Switchboard: 978-683-7111
  • Main Fax Number: 978-837-5222
Public Safety Emergency
  • Police Department, Main Number: 978-837-5555
  • Police Department, Cell Number (in case of phone outage): 978-687-5308
Weather Emergency
  • School Closing Hotline: 978-837-5700
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Offices & Staff Members

To reach a Merrimack employee, you may dial their extension directly via (978) 837-XXXX.

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NameContact InfoTitle
Dept/Office & Building
Tran, Josephx5431
E-mail: tranj
Bookstore Manager
Room VOL, Volpe Complex
Tran, Thuyx5282
E-mail: trantt
Biology Laboratory Manager
Biology Department
Room 355, Mendel
Trautman, Williamx5168
E-mail: trautmanw
Adjunct Lecturer
Political Science Department
Room 16E, Cushing Hall
Tremblay, SeanGM Head Coach IHC NCDC
Athletic Department
Volpe Complex
Trindade, RicardoE-mail: trindader
Physical Plant
Troxell, Taylorx5936
E-mail: troxellt
Area Coordinator
Residence Life Office
Room 370, Sakowich Campus Center
Truong, Locx5452
E-mail: truongl
Education Department
Room 226, Austin Hall
Tsakirellis, AglaiaE-mail: tsakirellisa
Adjunct Lecturer
Management Department
Crowe Hall
Tuccelli, Denisex5092
E-mail: tuccellid
Admission Operations Specialist
Admissions Office
Room 201, 510 Turnpike Street
Turcotte, Maryx5555
E-mail: turcottem
On Call Dispatcher
Police Department
Room BSMT, Monican Centre
Turner, Jacobx3552
E-mail: turnerjs
Associate Professor/Chair
Communication Arts & Sciences
Room 206, Cushing Hall
Turner, Katherinex5760
E-mail: turnerk
Adjunct Lecturer
Women's & Gender Studies
Room 308, Sullivan Hall
Tusa, Laurax3414
E-mail: tusal
Adjunct Professor
Graduate Education Department
Room 3rd, Austin Hall
Uddin, Sabahx5760
E-mail: uddins
Adjunct Lecturer
Women's & Gender Studies
Room 308, Sullivan Hall
Unsal, Omerx5547
E-mail: unsalo
Assistant Professor
Accounting & Finance Department
Room 325, Crowe Hall
Upham, Bretx3531
E-mail: uphamb
Communication Arts & Sciences
Room 205, Cushing Hall
Urbaez, Rosanax3481
E-mail: urbaezr
Asst. Dir. of Hands to Help
Mission & Student Affairs
Room 377, Sakowich Campus Center
Usoff, Catherinex5044
E-mail: usoffc
Dean of Faculty/Girard School of Business
Room 119, Crowe Hall
Vachon, Amyx5241
E-mail: vachona
Coordinator for Visitor Services
Admissions Office
Room 1st, 510 Turnpike Street
Vaillancourt, Kathleenx5090
E-mail: vaillancourk
Asst. Dir. of Student Success: First Year Exp.
Academic Success Center
Room 309, McQuade Library
Vakalfotis, ConstantinosE-mail: vakalfotisc
Men's Soccer Volunteer
Athletic Department
Volpe Complex
Valente, Kimx5514
E-mail: valentek
Assistant Director of Business Programs
Dean of Faculty/Girard School of Business
Room 112, Crowe Hall
Valle, Mariax5144
Room PP, Physical Plant
Vargas, Juniorx3584
Sodexo Cook
Room 1st, Sakowich Campus Center
Vargas, Yanaleisx3584
Room 1st, Sakowich Campus Center
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