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About McQuade Library

Library Mission

McQuade Library fosters the intellectual growth of the Merrimack community of lifelong learners and serves as a valuable center of information resources and customized instruction.

McQuade Library is an evolving center for learning, study and research. Rich in traditional print materials, media, and digital resources, it provides work spaces for groups as well as quiet corners for solitary study. Skilled and dedicated staff members are ready to assist students with anything from a simple article request to a full-scale research project, facilitating use of the broad-ranging collections both physical and virtual.



McQuade Facts

  • 18,000+ photos of Merrimack in our Media Center collection. Merrimack's Quiz Bowl team from the Photo Archive 
  • SHHH… the Foisy Family Silent Study room on the 2nd floor of McQuade is the place to go to concentrate! Studying in the Foisy Family Silent Study Room 
  • 1,026 students, on average, use McQuade Library between midnight and 7 AM each month during the semester.  
  • 105,500+ journal titles are available from the McQuade Library. JOURNAL FINDER  
  • 267,684 items were held by McQuade on June 30, 2015. What do you need?  
  • 378 and counting…course and subject guides to help you with your research at McQuade Library.  LibGuides
  • 9,367 books, games, DVDs, and more in the Education Resources Collection on McQuade’s 2nd floor. Good Night Moon!  
  • 3,585 DVDs at McQuade–plus 21,000 online videos. What do you want to watch?  
  • 156,138 downloads or views from McQuade’s online resources last year.  
  • 225+ digital collections are available through McQuade Library for your research. Resource List
  • 17,567 items were checked out of McQuade Library last year.  
  • 2,990 people participated in 174 library workshops last year.  
  • 14,200 downloads last year from Merrimack ScholarWorks–the college’s digital archive.  
  • 684 hours–spent by students last year producing videos in the Media Center. Student production in the Media Center
  • 24/5 MACKcard holders:  McQuade Library is open 148 hours a week.  We open at 10am on Sunday and don’t close til 12 on Friday–plus we’re here 10am to midnight on Saturday. Memorial Clock
  • ACCESS – make sure your password is set to access library resources from off campus! How-to  MACKCard 

How to Reach Us



U.S. Mail:
McQuade Library
Merrimack College
315 Turnpike St.
North Andover, MA 01845

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