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World Languages and Cultural Studies

Circle Game: Theatre Performance at Lawrence High School

7:00pm EST February 15, 2013

Performing Arts Center Lawrence High School 70-72 North Parish Road Lawrence, MA 01843

$15 tickets
With a Q&A and DINNER Post Show

Warning: The play contains adult language and images of domestic violence.
Please be advised the play may not suitable for younger viewers.

The story is fairly adult and complex within its telling but the principal meaning is simple. This is a story of misunderstanding and recognizing that judging someone based on where they live and how they look may keep that person from achieving their potential. The play explores some simple realities of urban living. The play follows several urban teenagers whose lives are shaped by the situations around them. The play looks at the harsh realities of urban living and the struggles within our society to survive, overcome, and move up in the world. It then looks at how, as outsiders looking in, we often judge and misunderstand those who differ from ourselves. We finish the piece with a short monologue from the main character of Victor who tells the audience, “Next time you read a magazine, open a news paper, watch the news, or drive through a new city, think to yourself… Are your judgements keeping us in our circle?”

The Lawrence High School Theater Department has an exciting opportunity in August of 2013. We have been invited to participate at the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland, the largest theater festival in the world. We will be taking a piece of theater written about the lives of inner city students from Lawrence. This is an unbelievable experience and a tremendous chance to showcase the talents of the incredibly hard working students of the Lawrence High School Campus Theater Department.

We plan to bring a play written by the city and about the city.  The piece is representative of the students of Lawrence and the personal situations and struggles they come across as modern urban teenagers. The play is titled “Circle Game,” it explores the stereotyping of urban youth in America today; especially that of Lawrence students. Our Theater Department’s personal goal is to help change the minds and views of people outside the community of Lawrence.  We strive to help change the stereotypes and judgments of urban youth in America one person at a time. We would be presenting this piece in Scotland to other schools from around the US, Canada, and Europe sharing a powerful message to an international youth audience. This is the opportunity of a lifetime for these students and for this city to show their potential. These students have worked tremendously hard to prepare a piece representing their struggles in the world today. Join us in helping to break down the walls of misunderstanding, judgements, and stereotyping by supporting our message of unity on an international scale. Theater can be a powerful tool for change and understanding. These students have taken up that challenge of positive social awareness through the telling of their story, their city and its people. If you would like to help support this trip donations can be given at our online site

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